Alexander Zverev, Nick Kyrgios and other tennis players receive a warning over their 'aggressive behaviour'

Alexander Zverev, Nick Kyrgios and other tennis players receive a warning over their 'aggressive behaviour'.

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Tennis officials will dish out stricter punishments for on-court misconduct. The ATP warned players in an internal note on Monday, as the men's governing body also simultaneously reviews its guidelines to clamp down on repeat offenders. 

Nick Kyrgios received a fine of $US60,000 ($80,000) for a series of enraged outbursts at the Indian Wells and Miami Open competitions. Many commentators believed he should have been disqualified. Also, following a doubles loss, German Alexander Zverev received an omission from a tournament in Acapulco in February. He repeatedly bashed his racquet against the umpire's chair.

"We are undertaking a review of the Code"- Andrea Gaudenzi

As per Reuters, ATP chairman Andrea Gaudenzi said in a note, "Effective immediately and as we head into the clay-court swing. The ATP officiating team has been directed to take a stricter stance in judging violations of the Code of Conduct." 

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"Additionally, we are also undertaking a review of the Code, as well as the disciplinary processes. To ensure that it provides appropriate and up-to-date penalties for serious violations and repeat offenders. We all have a role to play to uphold the reputation and integrity of our sport. The first three months of the season have seen an unusual frequency of high-profile incidents. Involving unsportsmanlike conduct," Gaudenzi, a former Italian professional player, added.

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Nevertheless, after losing in the fourth round of the Miami Open to Jannik Sinner, Kyrgios received a fine of $US35,000 ($47,000) for criticising the umpire and smashing his racket.

The incident occurred when Nick Kyrgios lost his cool after losing to Rafael Nadal at Indian Wells. He smashed his racquet on the ground. Which then bounced up and nearly hit a ball boy. For that, he received a fine $US25,000 ($33,140). After competing in both singles and doubles, the Australian earned almost $US350,000 ($464,000) in prize money from the two competitions.

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