India Bossed over Australia in Border-Gavaskar Trophy

By Ivy Sarkar  01.02.23

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy, a Test series between India and Australia, has one of the most illustrious histories in cricket history

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The India vs Australia Test series was renamed the Border-Gavaskar Trophy in 1996 to honor Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar and Australia great Allan Border

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India and Australia have competed in 15 editioned until 2022

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India have won nine while Australia five with one drawn series in the 15 editions

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Let's break down each BGT series since 1996 between India and Australia

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1995/96 in India

1997/98 in India

1999/00 in Australia

India won 1-0

India won 2-0

Australia won 3-0

2000/01 in India

2003/04 in Australia

2004/05 in India

India won 2-1, regains the trophy

Series 1-1(2 draws)

Australia won 2-1 (1 draw)

2007/08 in Australia

2008/09 in India

2010/11 in India

Australia won 2-1 (1 draw)

India won 2-0 (2 draws)

India won 2-0 

2011/12 in Australia

2012/13 in India

2014/15 in Australia

Australia won 4-0

India won 4-0

Australia won 2-0 

2016/17 in India

2018/19 in Australia

2020/21 in Australia

India won 2-1(1 draw)

India won 2-1(1 draw)

India won 2-1(1 draw)

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