By Ivy Sarkar


Most goals in a season in Premier League

Premier League is believed to be the toughest football league in the world

Scoring goals in the Premier League is not only tough but remaining consistent throughout a season is tougher

As Erling Haaland breaks the all-time record for most goals in a season in the Premier League, let's see the Top 5 players to score the most goals in a Premier League season

Erling Haaland | 35 goals | 2022-23

After joining Manchester City from Borussia Dortmund, Erling Haaland kept on breaking record after record. He has gone past Alan Shearer to become the player with the most goals in a season in Premier League.

Alan Shearer | 34 Goals | 1994-95

The Newcastle United legend started his career at Blackburn Rovers and took them to the top of the League; winning it in the 1994-95 season. He not only would go on to win the Golden Boot award that season, but also stopped Manchester United from winning the league for a third consecutive year.

Andrew Cole | 34 Goals | 1993-94

Both Alan and Andrew Cole were scoring like fun in the Premier League. In fact, in the 1993-94 season, Shearer also had 31 goals, but Andrew Cole proved to be better than him. Cole, playing for Newcastle United scored 34 goals and assisted 13 times for his teammates

Mohamed Salah | 32 Goals | 2017-18

Mohamed Salah has been one of the Premier League’s best since he has come from Roma to Liverpool.Salah’s 2017-18 season had everything. He became the quickest player to 25 goals in a season for Liverpool since Fred Pagnam in 1915

Luis Suarez | 31 Goals | 2013-14

33 games, 31 goals, 12 assists and all of that without scoring a single penalty. He was the first player to score 30 plus non-penalty goals in the 38-game fixture in Premier League history.

Cristiano Ronaldo | 31 Goals | 2007-08

At age 22, playing as a winger, the football world saw glimpses of perhaps the greatest in the making. 31 goals in 34 league games with a goal every 88.6 minutes, everyone saw greatness in making and is 6th on our list of most goals in a season in the Premier League.