Most International Runs by Indian Openers

Indian opener Rohit Sharma surpassed former legendary Indian opener Sunil Gavaskar to feature third on this list. Check out everything in detail in this article.
Most International Runs by Indian Openers

India has always had the privilege of some swashbuckling openers in almost every era of international cricket and it is set to continue in the forthcoming years too. The openers provide the perfect platform for the game and they have an important role to play in the team certainly.

Some of the openers have enjoyed playing in the powerplay as they can go after the bowling straight away and stack up against their runs column before the powerplay ends. Here are the top five players with the most international runs as an opener for India in international cricket.

Most International Runs by Indian Openers: Top 5

#5. Shikhar Dhawan | 10746* runs

Shikhar Dhawan is fifth on the list of players with the most international runs as an Indian opener. The left-hander has scored 10,746 runs as an opener across all three formats with his best coming in the ODI format. Dhawan has been usually deployed as an opener in any format of the game.

Image – Republic World

He had a terrific start to his Test career as an opener but soon lost his place due to poor form. He hasn't played a test for a long time now. The 35-year-old still remains a big part of the limited-overs format for India. Moreover, he is currently the standby captain for India for the limited-overs series.

#4. Sunil Gavaskar | 12258 runs

It is not a surprise that the legendary Sunil Gavaskar makes the list and he is fourth among the players with the most international runs as an opener for India. Gavaskar is pipped to be one of India's greatest cricketers of all time. He has scored 12,258 runs in international cricket as an opener in the test and the ODI formats.

Image – Hindustan Times

Gavaskar was the first-ever cricketer to cross the 10,000 run mark in tests. He still was an unbelievable player in his era to have stacked a lot of centuries against World-class bowlers.

#3. Rohit Sharma | 12274* runs

Rohit Sharma is third on the list of players, overtaking legendary Sunil Gavaskar on this list of most International runs by Indian openers. Hitman certainly would have been a lot higher on the list if he had opened straight away as he started off in the middle order for India. He did have a decent career in the middle order and until 2013, he wasn't seen as an opener.

Image – Hindustan Times

The 2013 Champions Trophy marked the entry of Rohit Sharma as an opener in limited-overs cricket. Since then, he has been in scintillating form with the bat. He is among the best openers in the world at the moment and he has had some staggering numbers in the last five years or so. So far, he has scored 12,274 runs as an opener in international cricket across the three formats.

#2. Sachin Tendulkar | 15335 runs

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest batsmen of all time and he had a great career with the bat for India. He is second on the list of players with the most International runs by Indian openers. Sachin has 15335 runs across formats and it came mostly in the 50-over format.

Image – ESPNCricinfo

Sachin played a great hand for India while opening in the ODI format while he batted at the number four spot mostly in test cricket. He was a master of the straight drive and is an all-time leading run-scorer in international cricket.

#1. Virender Sehwag | 15758 runs

Virender Sehwag holds the record for the most runs as an opener for India in international cricket. The aggressive right-hander hit 15758 runs as an opener and like Rohit Sharma, he was first given an opportunity in the middle order. To get the best out of him, he was promoted and he had an immediate impact.

Image – Country Cricket

Sehwag went on to become one of India's best openers of all time with excellent numbers across all three formats and also his strike rate was an added advantage to the Indian team.

N.B: Stats Updated until 29/10/2022.

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