Why are FIFA WC players wearing face masks during matches?

By Ivy Sarkar  03.12.22

Face masks : Not a fashion statement

Wondering why players are wearing face masks on the pitches in Qatar. 

Their masked was drawn comparison to Batman and Hannibal lector and it is not a fashion statement

Hi-Tech Protective Devices

The masks are hi-tech protective devices made from mateials like polycarbonate. 

They protect the players who have sustained facial injuries ensuring they can play on without risking further damage

Players seen in Masks at World Cup

Croatia's Joska Gvardiol and South Korea's Son Heung-min were seen wearing these distinctive masks

Josko Gvardiol's Broken Nose

Croatia's primary defender suffered a horrified injury in a match. Later a scan revealed he had severely broken his nose

Josko Gvardiol at World Cup

In order to protect his face from further damage, Josko decided to wear a face mask

South Korea's  Son Heung-min

An On-filed collision during the Champions League Son Heung-min was fractured his eye-socket

He then prompted him to wear a black fibre mask

Iran's  Alirexa Beranvand

The Iran's goalkeeper also masked up after sustaining a facial injury against England

For Protection

Masks aren't common sight in football, a high profile players are sporting then at the games to protect themselves from further injury

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