Mirabai Chanu: “Weightlifting is not dangerous for girls”

Mirabai Chanu shares her moments from the exciting journey of the Tokyo Olympics and inspired girls with her story.
Mirabai Chanu: “Weightlifting is not dangerous for girls”

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu is an inspiration for every girl and woman trying to achieve a recognizable feat in the world of athletes. Her daily schedule of eating healthy, training hard, and resting changed to a schedule packed with interviews shoots events meetings, etc. Her life turned to a full circle after winning the silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics in weightlifting.

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After her departure from Tokyo, her life has been pretty busy with meeting tons of people, ministers, celebrities, and different personnel. Everyone wishes to interact with her, click a selfie or get a closer look at the medal she brought home. On an interview with Vogue, she exclaimed, "I've been so busy since the time I arrived!"

Her life after the grand at the Tokyo Olympics:

She made an exciting entry at the capital's airport surrounded by proper security. With the immense number of people watching her, increased the number of garlands around her neck. After a lot of meet and greet she reached her home and finally enjoyed a home-cooked meal after almost 2 years. She shared, "I know all this—meetings, functions—is important too. All these people wanted me to do well and cheered me on to win a medal."

On the beautiful memories of the Tokyo Olympics, she said, "I almost forgot where I was standing. Then the announcer took my name and I realized, 'Oh, this is the Olympic podium!'"

The journey towards this massive success was certainly the most difficult phase of her life but she worked hard, moved forward, stayed determined for this. In the interview, she also shared her own personal feelings and experiences which will certainly inspire every girl aspiring to do something in the field of weightlifting. "Weightlifting is not dangerous for girls, it is completely safe. Look at me. If I can do it, all of you can."

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