5 longest winning streaks in women’s cricket

A player needs to be at their best form to play matches and win continuously. Winning is a team's play and a perfect and strong team is only capable of victories continuously.

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5 longest winning streaks in women’s cricket

5 longest winning streaks in women's cricket | SportzPoint.com
A player needs to be at their best form to play matches and win continuously. Winning is a team's play and a perfect and strong team is only capable of victories continuously.

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Winning continuous matches is not a child’s play. Competing regularly and winning successfully takes a lot of struggle, courage, hard work, smart play, and determination. At the highest international levels, a few teams have proved themselves the best by winning matches one after another. Throughout the history of women’s cricket, Australia has proven itself to be the strongest of all and presently has the longest winning streak. The last time Australia lost a match was against India in the 2017 World Cup semi-final. They are on the winning streak of 25th consecutive ODI matches as they defeated India by 9 wickets. Here’s a list of the 5 longest winning streaks in women’s cricket.

5 longest winning streaks in women's cricket | SportzPoint.com
Image Credit- ESPNcricinfo

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Australia (25)

OppositionMaginMatch Date
India8 wickets12 Mar 2018
India60 runs15 Mar 2018
India 97 runs18 Mar 2018
Pakistan5 wickets18 Oct 2018
Pakistan150 runs20 Oct 2018
Pakistan89 runs22 Oct 2018
New Zealand5 runs22 Feb 2019
New Zealand95 runs24 Feb 2019
New Zealand7 wickets3 Mar 2019
England2 wickets2 Jul 2019
England 4 wickets4 Jul 2019
England194 runs7 Jul 2019
West Indies178 runs5 Sep 2019
West Indies 151 runs8 Sep 2019
West Indies 8 wickets11 Sep 2019
Sri Lanka157 runs5 Oct 2019
Sri Lanka 110 runs7 Oct 2019
Sri Lanka 9 wickets9 Oct 201
New Zealand7 wickets3 Oct 2020
New Zealand 4 wickets5 Oct 2020
New Zealand 232 runs7 Oct 2020
New Zealand 6 wickets4 Apr 2021
New Zealand 71 runs7 Apr 2021
New Zealand 21 runs10 Apr 2021
India9 wickets21 Sep 2021

Australia (17)

Opposition MarginMatch Date
South Africa10 wickets12 Dec 1997
Pakistan9 wickets14 Dec 1997
Denmark363 runs16 Dec 1997
England8 wickets18 Dec 1997
Netherlands115 runs20 Dec 1997
India19 runs24 Dec 1997
New Zealand5 wickets29 Dec 1997
England11 runs12 Jul 1998
England 64 runs15 Jul 1998
England 35 runs18 Jul 1998
England 8 wickets19 Jul 1998
England 114 runs21 Jul 1998
Ireland172 runs24 Jul 1998
Ireland170 runs25 Jul 1998
Ireland96 runs27 Jul 1998
South Africa92 runs5 Feb 1999
South Africa100 runs7 Feb 1999

Australia (16)

OppositionMargin Match Date
New Zealand131 runs25 Jan 2000
England86 runs 29 Jan 2000
England 87 runs 30 Jan 2000
England 10 wickets1 Feb 2000
England220 runs 3 Feb 2000
New Zealand 13 runs 6 Feb 2000
New Zealand 6 wickets8 Feb 2000
New Zealand 7 wickets9 Feb 2000
New Zealand 6 wickets29 Nov 2000
Sri Lanka200 runs1 Dec 2000
Ireland10 wickets3 Dec 200
India51 runs6 Dec 2000
England54 runs10 Dec 2000
South Africa9 wickets13 Dec 2000
Netherlands10 wickets15 Dec 2000
South Africa 9 wickets18 Dec 2000

India (16)

Opposition Margin Match Date
Austalia5 wickets7 Feb 2016
Sri Lanka107 runs15 Feb 2016
Sri Lanka 6 wickets17 Feb 2016
Sri Lanka 7 wickets19 Feb 2016
West Indies6 wickets10 Nov 2016
West Indies5 wickets13 Nov 2016
West Indies15 runs16 Nov 2016
Sri Lanka114 runs7 Feb 2017
Ireland125 runs10 Feb 2017
South Africa 49 runs15 Feb 2017
Bangladesh9 wickets17 Feb 2017
Pakistan7 wickets19 Feb 2017
South Africa 1 wicket21 Feb 2017
Ireland 10 wickets7 May 2017
South Africa 7 wickets9 May 2017
Ireland249 runs15 May 2017

England (13)

Opposition MarginMatch Date
Netherlands7 wickets19 Jul 1989
Denmark104 runs20 Jul 1989
Ireland79 runs21 Jul 1989
Netherlands8 wickets18 Jul 1990
Denmark206 runs19 Jul 1990
Ireland9 wickets20 Jul 1990
Ireland65 runs22 Jul 1990
Ireland62 runs16 Aug 1990
Ireland10 wickets17 Aug 1990
Ireland75 runs16 Jul 1991
Netherlands90 runs17 Jul 1991
Denmark9 wickets19 Jul 1991
Denmark179 runs20 Jul 1991

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