Sourav Ganguly withdraws from the Legends League Cricket 2022 over personal reasons

Sourav Ganguly has decided not to enter the Legends League Cricket 2022. He was made the captain of the India Maharajas team

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Cricket lovers were waiting to see Sourav Ganguly again with the bat and as captain. As a part of celebrating 75 years of independence of the country, a charity match has been organized on September 16 at the Eden Gardens on the opening day of Legends League Cricket 2022. Sourav was made the captain of the India Maharajas team.

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Sourav Ganguly withdraws from the Legends League over personal reasons | Sportz Point

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Sourav will not be part of the Legends League

Ganguly, however, has decided not to enter the competition for personal reasons. However, it is not clear why exactly he took this decision. Neither Sourav nor the tournament organizers have spoken publicly about the matter. Sourav's assistant Tanya Bhattacharya clarified the decision to withdraw from Legends League.

Sourav Ganguly has to go to Dubai during the Asia Cup 2022. But in the meantime, he planned to hit the nets with the bat for Legends League Cricket 2022. Ganguly's India Maharajas had several Indian teammates from Sourav's era and that's why cricket lovers began to feel nostalgic. Sourav also told the head coach of Bengal, Laxmi Ratan Shukla that he will prepare himself for the charity match even by going to the practice of the Bengal team. India Maharajas will play the charity match against Eoin Morgan's World Giants.

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However, with Sourav Ganguly stepping down, the excitement of that match will definitely drop. It is also said that the organizers are still trying desperately to convince Sourav. However, there is no indication of Sourav changing his position yet. It is not clear whether Sourav backed away from the decision to return to the field thinking about the possibility of controversy if he played such a match while he was the board president, or because of his physical condition. Everyone is looking at how Sourav or the organizers shed light on this issue.

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