Rushindra Sinha Explains How to give a boost to Global Esports

Rushindra Sinha, the founder, and CEO of Global Esports explains how to give a boost to his Organization in a live stream.

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Esports: Rushindra Sinha explains how to give a boost to Global Esports | Sportz Point

Rushindra Sinha, founder, and CEO of Global Esports, recently spoke about the impact of securing a franchise slot in the Valorant league on the organization. Sinha stated that the organization went through multiple rounds of evaluations, and the Riot Games' documentation process and provided for the qualification in the franchise league boosted Global Esports. He detailed how Riot Games' League of Legends franchising provided insights into the operations and hurdles faced by organizations. He also discussed the current status of the industry in India and the significance of establishing a strong base for future expansion.

Esports: Rushindra Sinha's statement:

In a recent live stream, Sinha responded to S8UL Esports' manager's tweet where he discussed what Indian organizations should focus on growing the Indian esports scene or make their companies successful.

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According to Sinha, "Sometimes in my life, I don't know if I get Riot's permission, but I would like to share with you all the checklists Riot had for us. I feel that this checklist should be mandatory for every single organization in the world regardless of what roster they have, regardless of which game, regardless of whether it's mobile PC or console, it doesn't matter. That checklist that Riot provided to us is absolutely insane like that checklist has helped us formulate so many things." 

Esports: Rushindra Sinha | Sportz Point

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"I'm not exaggerating, (the checklist accelerated Global Esports) at least two to three years in the future. Everything that we would have been able to achieve organically, slowly, and by ourselves would have probably taken two or three years. Because of Riot's documentation, checklist, and requirements, we are today where we probably would have been in three years. Only because they help structuralize," he added.

Sinha explained, Riot's documentation process, which includes a financial audit, has been instrumental in the success of Global Esports. He noted that the financial audit conducted by Riot was intense, but he is grateful for it as it helped the organization get to where it is today.