Craig Bellamy: Ex-Liverpool striker leaves Anderlecht over depression

Former Wales and Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy has left his role as Anderlecht assistant manager to deal with depression.
Craig Bellamy: Ex-Liverpool striker leaves Anderlecht over depression

Former Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy will leave his role as an assistant coach at Anderlecht to deal with depression. The 42-year-old, who has been working as one of manager Vincent Kompany's backroom staff. Moreover, he has spoken about his issues with mental health in the past. Former Wales international has also played for other clubs including Norwich, Newcastle, and West Ham in a lengthy career. Although, he initially joined Anderlecht as Under-21 coach in 2019, but he will step down on Monday.

The 42-year-old spoke about his mental health in 2020 and said he had had the condition since his playing days. In a statement Anderlecht said Bellamy's mental health problems "have resurfaced again recently". They added he "took a very difficult, but absolutely necessary decision concerning his health" to leave. He joined Anderlecht as the club's under-21 coach in 2019. And then moved to being an assistant to former Manchester City team-mate Vincent Kompany earlier this year.

Craig Bellamy in an interview with Sky Sports :

"During my career my depression was worse, way worse, the emotional side… I'd come home and wouldn't speak for three days, I had a wife, young family and I literally wouldn't talk. I would shut myself away in a room and then I would go to bed on my own. That was the only way I could deal with depression."

Craig Bellamy, said in an interview with Sky Sports

Anderlecht added: "His experience as a striker in the Premier League and his drive took our young squad to a higher level. "Both coach Vincent Kompany and director of sports Peter Verbeke want to thank Bellamy explicitly for his efforts and show great understanding for Bellamy's brave decision."

He started coaching at Cardiff at the academy level before departing in January 2019 and taking up the same position with Anderlecht.

Kompany added, "Craig has long struggled with his mental health. Now the monster is back there. "Health is above football. We are obligated to give him the chance to get well."

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