East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan: Head to Head Stats

East Bengal till now have won 141 matches in the Kolkata Derby while Mohun Bagan won 128 times in the biggest rivalry of Indian football.
East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan all-time head-to-head stats.
East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan all-time head-to-head stats.Image | Sportz Point

As far as local sporting rivalries go, few on this planet can compare to the one between East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan, commonly known as the Kolkata Derby. 

The two giants hailing from the same city, Kolkata, have been at each other's throats since East Bengal's inception a century and some change ago on August 1st, 1920, and their rivalry has scripted the most glorious chapter in the history of Indian football.

The two teams are not just two football entities but represent two sets of inhabitants of the state of Bengal, who simply cannot stand losing to the other side.  East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan evokes passion unlike another sporting contest in the country.

Though the data is just an approximation, as of 3rd February 2024, it is believed that the tally of overall meetings stands at 396 matches up till now, where East Bengal have been triumphant 141 times while Mohun Bagan 128 times, which also includes a walkover.

East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan: Head-to-Head

Since 2020-21, these two teams have played seven times against each other in ISL while Mohun Bagan won six matches, with one draw between the two. ATK Mohun Bagan FC is a merger of Mohun Bagan AC and ATK FC.

Mohun Bagan's domination over East Bengal in ISL comes while the two teams enjoy fairly competitive records against each other in other tournaments. In 45 matches of I-League, East Bengal have won 17 so far and Mohun Bagan 15 while 13 ended in a draw.

In 22 Federation Cup matches, East Bengal have won eight and Mohun Bagan six while eight matches ended in a draw. In 12 Rovers Cup matches, both teams have won four each while four matches ended in a draw.

In 161 Calcutta Football League matches, East Bengal won 55, Mohun Bagan 47 and 59 ended in a draw. East Bengal enjoy a massive record against their archrivals in IFA Shield. Out of 41 matches, they have won 21 while Mohun Bagan have managed to win only seven of those.

East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan overall record

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