Every Manchester United manager's stats since Sir Alex Ferguson's departure

Let's look at the stats of Every Manchester United manager who has been appointed after the departure of the great Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013.

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Erik ten Hag is the present Man United manager and he has won two domestic cup titles in two seasons with the club

Erik ten Hag is the present Man United manager and he has won two domestic cup titles in two seasons with the club | Image: AP

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Managing Manchester United is not an easy job for managers worldwide. Man United have such a rich history under Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Matt Busby that the managers of this era fail to handle the pressures of Fans and Media. Nothing has gone well for the Red Devils in the last 10-11 years since the departure of their greatest manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. The board has appointed many big names to manage the team but none have shown characteristics of becoming at least 10% of Ferguson. The board has taken so many wrong decisions over the years, in terms of player signing and manager signing and those things have affected the club dearly. In this article, we'll look at every Manchester United manager since Sir Alex Ferguson's departure.

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Every Manchester United manager since Sir Alex Ferguson's departure

David Moyes (2013-14)

The first Manchester United manager after Sir Alex was another Scottish manager, David Moyes. There were high expectations but he could not live up to them. Moyes did win a Community Shield during the season, but after a disappointing seventh place in the league and missing out on the Champions League, the board sacked him. He also failed to impress the fans as He gathered the lowest-ever points total in the Premier League as a Manchester United coach.

  • Matches: 51
  • Won: 27
  • Lost: 15
  • Drawn: 9
  • Winning Percentage: 53%
  • Trophies: 1 (Community Shield)

Ryan Giggs (2014)

Club legend Ryan Giggs took the job of coaching Manchester United in 2014. A year before that, Giggs had been part of Moyes’ staff as player-coach. Now, it was up to him to do the honors as interim player-coach. However, this did not last long. After four games, Giggs stated he cannot handle the pressure as Manchester United’s coach. He won two out of four matches, drew one, and lost one. He became assistant to the next manager Louis van Gaal.

  • Matches: 4
  • Won: 2
  • Lost: 1
  • Drawn: 1
  • Winning Percentage: 50
  • Trophies: 0

Louis van Gaal (2014-16)

Louis van Gaal was appointed next as the Manchester United coach and it was a dream come true moment for the Dutchman. After winning championships in the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany, Van Gaal wanted to win a league in England too. But it was harder than he had thought. The board spent over 200 million to bring players Louis van Gaal wanted but he did not manage to get beyond fourth place in two seasons. He managed to secure an FA Cup but got sacked right after that.

  • Matches: 103
  • Won: 54
  • Lost: 24
  • Drawn: 25
  • Winning Percentage: 52
  • Trophies: 1 (FA Cup)

José Mourinho (2016-18)

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho already had a packed trophy cabinet before he joined United. The Special One’s first season as Manchester United manager was promising, with a Community Shield, a Carabao Cup, and a win in the Europa League was more than enough. United finished second in the Premier League in the 2017/18 season. According to Mourinho, this was one of the greatest achievements of his career. Mourinho's third-year stints are always poor and in December 2018, he was sacked after two and a half seasons.

  • Matches: 144
  • Won: 84
  • Lost: 32
  • Drawn: 28
  • Winning Percentage: 58
  • Trophies: 3 (Carabao Cup, Community Shield, Europa League)

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (2018-21)

The remainder of the 2018/2019 season was taken care of by caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He was allowed to finish the year. Ole got off to a flying start to 2019/20 with a ‘Manager of the Month’ trophy and six unbeaten games. He extended the number of wins further and the fans started to believe in him.

Solskjaer got the opportunity to sign a three-year contract as Manchester United manager. He grabbed this opportunity with both hands. The team finished second in the points table but lost the Europa League Final in the 2020/21 season. He was also able to bring back Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2021/22 season but United lost many games that season and were out of the top four. He was sacked after that and Carrick took care as a caretaker manager.

  • Matches: 168
  • Won: 91
  • Lost: 40
  • Drawn: 37
  • Winning Percentage: 54
  • Trophies: 0

Michael Carrick (2021)

He was already assistant coach under Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, from whom he took over as caretaker manager in November. This was for three games. The club found an interim manager to finish the season. 

  • Matches: 3
  • Won: 2
  • Lost: 0
  • Drawn: 1
  • Winning Percentage: 38
  • Trophies: 0

Ralf Rangnick (2021)

Ralf Rangnick arrived at Manchester United with a lot of noise. The plan was that he would take United to the next level with his signature game. However, this never happened. After many mixed results, Rangnick ended his time after a horrendous loss to Crystal Palace. Rangnick left the job and focused fully on managing the Austrian national team.

  • Matches: 29
  • Won: 11
  • Lost: 8
  • Drawn: 10
  • Winning Percentage: 50
  • Trophies: 0

Erik ten Hag (2022-Present)

Manchester United’s present manager is Erik ten Hag. The Dutchman secured a transfer to England due to his performance and way of playing football at Ajax. The pressure put on Ten Hag by the English media was huge. He had a poor start to the 2022-23 campaign but slowly it changed and United started to play good football under him. But, Ronaldo decided to give a Piers Morgan interview right before the World Cup where he exposed the Glazers and mentioned his toxic relationship with the board and Erik ten Hag. 

Ten Hag said in the press conference during his arrival at the club that He would love to play Ronaldo but decided to go against his own words which hurt the world-class striker. Ronaldo's interview spread like a fire and his fans started to abuse the manager but Ten Hag proved everyone wrong and delivered in his first season at the club.

United finished third in the points table, won the Carabao Cup, and played the Final of the FA Cup which they eventually lost to their arch-rivals Manchester City. In Europe, Ten Hag's team beat Barcelona but lost to Sevilla despite leading the tie.

The 2023-24 season started with some mixed results but soon the team fell off due to many reasons. United was hit by many injuries all over the pitch and those were some serious injuries. Sancho and Ten Hag had a fight which led the board to send the English winger back to Dortmund and the Social Media was up to blaming the Dutch tactician once again. United was a mess and Ten Hag was fighting all with no backup.

The Red Devils got knocked out of the Champions League from the group stage and the Carabao Cup. They finished eighth in the league points table, the lowest for the club in their lifetime but it was not over. Ten Hag didn't give up and in the FA Cup final, they were up against Man City once again.

This time, they took the revenge by beating them with the same scoreline and proved the doubters wrong once again that when he has his players fit, United can perform well under him. The United board hasn't taken any decisions until now whether to continue with him next season or find someone else which is going to be an exciting watch as Erik ten Hag has won two domestic titles with the club in his two seasons.

  • Matches: 114
  • Won: 66
  • Lost: 31
  • Drawn: 17
  • Winning Percentage: 57
  • Trophies: 2 (Carabao Cup and FA Cup)
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