FIFA Club World Cup 2022: Chelsea enters the final in a game officiated by a robot referee

Romelu Lukaku's only goal separates the two teams as Chelsea walks off into the finals of the FIFA Club World Cup 2022

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Romelu Lukaku's only goal separates the two teams as Chelsea walks off into the finals of the FIFA Club World Cup 2022. The Blues will face the Brazilian side Palmeiras in the finals on 12th February 2022.

FIFA introduces a new Tech-Official:

Surprisingly, this is the first-ever official match with a robot referee on the pitch. However, this robot referee isn't there just for fun or entertainment; rather it is being in use for its pinpoint accuracy to determine the offside position of a player during VAR. The main reason for the inclusion of a robot referee was to reduce the VAR decision time; while checking for possible offsides and other situations of the match. 

Moreover, to provide improved accuracy, the system currently is able to generate 18 data points per player. By tracking the various parts of the body to create a skeletal, three-dimensional model. However, the match officials will have the final call while giving a decision. But still, A dedicated VAR assistant is responsible for monitoring offside. They also can check these incidents as the match is going on rather than waiting for a stoppage in play.

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FIFA Club World Cup 2022: The first half action

The match started on a positive note from both sides, however, Chelsea had the upper hand most of the game. Moreover, Kai Havertz and Hakim Ziyech were the most dangerous pair out there, as they threw a lot of attacks at the Al-Hilal defence.

In the 10th minute of the game, Azpilicueta laid off a beautiful ball for Ziyech; Which skied past the top corner, and that was Chelsea's first attempt at the game. However, one of their best early chances came when Christensen put in a low cross for Romelu Lukaku right in front of the goal; Which he failed to connect. 

Chelsea winger Kai Havertz was a real threat down the wings as he broke out many times past the Al-Hilal defence; but Chelsea was still unable to get a breakthrough. However, in the 32nd minute, Havertz again managed to get past the defence and put out a cross to find a yellow shirt. But somehow the cross went straight to the Belgian's path after a mistimed header from Al-Hilal defender Yasser Al Shahrani; Lukaku then broke the deadlock from point-blank range. 

FIFA Club World Cup 2022  - Sportz Point

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FIFA Club World Cup 2022: The Second Half of the match

The Blues again started the second half in a fierce form right away. Just into the 48th minute Kai Havertz bolted his way into the Al-Hilal's backline and was about to score a brilliant goal as well. Unfortunately, the ball deflected off the woodwork and the defence was able to clear it.

In the 60th minute of the match, it was Chelsea's Ziyech who bolted in a brilliant shot after a header layoff from Lukaku; but the goalkeeper made a tremendous save to keep Chelsea away from taking the lead further ahead. 

Al-Hilal's comeback hopes vs Chelsea's tight defence:

As the game progressed further, the AFC champions also stepped up their attacking game and started to take on Chelsea's defence. Their best chance came just 3 minutes after the Havertz shot, as Pereira was to find Marega who broke free past the tight Chelsea's defence. However, Kepa rushed just in time to keep the Malian at bay. Again, moments later Kanno struck in a brilliant shot; but it was again parried off by Kepa to prevent the Al-Hilal attackers from scoring the equaliser. 

However, even though Al-Hilal put in all their efforts; They still failed to shake Chelsea's, and the match ended in a close 0-1 in favor of Chelsea.

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