Football Facts: Son-Father Football Pair Who Played For Same Club

From Xabi Alosno to Luca Zidane- they all have played in the same team their father had played. Know about all the son-father pair who played for the same club.
Football Facts: Son-Father Football Pair Who Played For Same Club

The beautiful game has tons of interesting facts. With every match, every pass, every goal, every win and loss the game is creating some beautiful football facts. Today we will present you with the most unique and interesting football fact that you've heard. Name it coincidence or nepotism, son's of some great footballers have found their place in the same club quite often. However, it is quite rare that sons of every footballer have become greats of football as well. Perhaps, most of the time they had to be under the shadows of their father's legendary career. Though, there is some player who has overshadowed their father's career.

Football Facts: Son-Father Football Pair Who Played For Same Club

#1 Johan Cruyff and Jordi Cruyff – FC Barcelona

Johan Cruyff and Jordi Cruyff at Barcelona

Johan Cruyff is considered one of the greatest ever footballer who ever lived. Along with Pele, Maradona is said to the most impactful player in the history of the game. The Dutch footballer was the winner of the Ballon d'Or three time his career. He won it in 1971, 1973, and 1974.

Cruyff represented FC Barcelona from 1973 to 1978. After retiring from the game, Johan managed three teams. Perhaps, he managed his former teams in Ajax and Barcelona. While he was in charge of FC Barcelona, his son Jordi Cruyff was in the team as well. The interesting fact is that Jordi was with the Barcelona team till his father was manager of the team i.e, 1996. Jordi played for the Barcelona team from 1994 to 1996.

#2 Periko Alonso and Xabi Alonso- Real Sociedad

Now, in this son-father football pair the son is the more established one. Though, Periko Alonso had a successful career playing for Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona. He played for Real Sociedad (1977–1982) for five years before going to FC Barcelona (1982-85). Periko managed to win 3 La Liga titles, two with Real Sociedad and one with FC Barcelona.

Mikel and Xabi, both of his sons went on to become footballers. However, it is Xabi who went on to make more name for himself than his father. Xabi who started his career at Real Scoiedad ended up having a great career with Liverpool, Real Madrid and FC Bayern Munich before retiring in 2017. Perhaps, Xabi in his career managed to win UEFA Champions Legaue twice in 2004-05 with Liverpool and 2013-14 with Real Madrid.

#3 Patrick Kluivert and Justin Kluivert- Ajax

Patrick Kluivert had an outstanding career with Ajax and Barcelona. The current director of youth football of Barcelona is regarded among the best Dutch strikers of all time.

Patrick scored 90 goals for Barcelona and he had a great partnership on and off the field with Rivaldo. While playing for Ajax in 1994–1997 he scored 39 goals for them. In 2016, he coached the Ajax youth team where his son Justin was one of the player. Justin then went on to play for the Ajax senior team before going to Roma for €18.75 million. He is currently now with the RasenBallsport Leipzig team on loan.

#4 Danny Blind and Daley Blind- Ajax

Danny Blind is one of the only two Dutch players to win all UEFA club competitions and the Intercontinental Cup. Blind was a defender who had a great stint with Ajax. In 1995, he won the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cup with Ajax Football Club.

After retiring from professional football, he managed the Ajax team in 2015 only for  422  days. He then went on to manage the Netherlands National Team but was sacked after poor performances in the Euro 2016.

His son Daley started his career with the Ajax in 2008 and played there for 6 years before going to Manchester United in 2014. However, after winning several trophies with the "Red Devils" he came back to the Ajax team in 2018. Adding to that, he has won the Eredivisie cup 5 times. Therefore, they are one of the most successful son-father duos on our list of "Football Facts: Son-Father Football Pair Who Played For Same Club."

#5 Paolo Maldini and Daniel Maldini- AC Milan

Paolo Maldini is regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time. He played his entire career at AC Milan. From 1984 to 2009, Maldini spent 25 years at the club. The current technical director of Milan, was the most capped player in the history of Seria A until it was broken by Gianluigi Buffon.

Maldini was nicknamed "Capita" for his leadership skill as the captain of AC Milan and Italy National Team. Maldini won the UEFA Champions League 5 times with AC Milan, which the most by any player for a single club. He is said to be one of the unluckiest players not to win a Ballon d'Or award. However, he was selected in the Ballon D'or Dream Team in 2020.

His son Daniel was picked by the AC Milan team in 2020. Daniel is an attacking mid-fielder who has a very promising career at the highest level.

#6 Diego Simeone and Giuliano Simeone- Atletico Madrid

Not all great players can become great managers, but when you are Diego Simeone you can do both great. Simeone, an Argentine footballer who won the Copa America twice, and Olympic Silver Medal in 1996. Along with that, he played a major role in Atletico winning the double in 1995-96.

Years later, Diego came back to Atletico Madrid as a coach. As a manager, he then went on to win La Liga in 2013-14 and Copa Del Rey in 2012-13. Moreover, he also won UEFA Super Cup twice in 2012 and 2018. Therefore, his achievements as a manager and player for Atletico Madrid made him a legend of the club. He was also adjudged as the IFFHS Club Coach of the Decade 2011-20.

Giuliano, son of Diego is an young left winger who debuted for the Atletico Madrid senior team in 2020.

#7 Zinedine Zidane and Luca Zidane- Real Madrid

Now, if we talk about a successful player and a manager at the same time, one has to mention Zinedine Zidane. The former French international is a legend of the game and considered the best of his time.

Zidane won nearly everything as a player. He won UEFA Champions League in 2001-02. Perhaps, he was the most expensive player from  2001–2009. The 1998 Ballon d'Or also awarded to Zinedine. Also, he was inducted into the Real Madrid Hall of fame in 2014.

Along with his individual record as a player, he has won 2 La Liga titles and 3 UEFA Champions League title as a manager. Moreover, he has won 2 Spanish Super Cups as well. As a manager, Zidane has the record of most consecutive away wins in the history of La Liga(13). Considering all of his records as a player, he might feature in any of the football facts that includes any records.

Unlike him, his son Luca is a goal-keeper and played under him at Real Madrid from 2018 to 2020. However, he could only make 2 appearances for the senior team. Then he went on to join Racing Santander on loan. He is currently playing for the Rayo Vallecano.

However, there is more father-son duo who have played for the same club. Like, Enrico and Federico Chiesa, Sergio and Francisco Conceiacao have played for same.

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