Football transfer rumours: Dani Alves hopeful for a grand Messi return

According to the football, transfer rumours Barcelona president Joan Laporta...of bringing Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta back to the club

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According to the football transfer rumours Barcelona president Joan Laporta has expressed the possibility of bringing Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta back to the club after completing the signing of Dani Alves.

Alves has signed a contract with Barca until the end of the season. The Brazil international left Barca in 2016 after eight years at the club. However, due to the La Liga policies, he couldn't be registered into the squad before January. Now as per football transfer rumours Messi and Iniesta can make a comeback.

Laporta expressing the possibility

"I can't rule it out," Laporta said when asked about Messi and Iniesta during Alves' presentation.

"It happened with Dani Alves, who saw the situation and wanted to help. We're grateful for the financial sacrifice he's made. He wants to help us turn things around.

"Leo and Andres are two spectacular players. I can't predict the future. They are Barca greats and who made this club what it is and they will always be present, but they're players with contracts with other clubs. That must be respected, but in life, you never know."

Lionel Messi left on a free transfer in the summer, joining Paris Saint-Germain because Barca couldn't afford to renew his deal, and Andreas Iniesta joined the Japanese side Vissel Kobe in 2018.

Alves and Messi are very close friends and he joked that he would go and fetch him from Paris.

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Messi and Alves. Photo- Give Me Sport

Alves on Messi

"If you give me a couple of hours, I will go and look for him," Alves laughed when asked about Messi.

"Leo is the greatest I have ever seen in the game, and you always miss the greats, especially when you have a good relationship with them.

"I love him very much. We're in a new process here, and I would encourage everyone to come back. I have been to a lot of places, but there's no place like this."

Alves on his comeback to the Barcelona

Laporta said that Xavi gave the green light to Alves' return to the team.

The Brazilian left-back who won 23 trophies in his first spell at Barca, is back again to fight for his place in the squad.

"I accepted the challenge because I feel up to it "

He said."We're going to transform this club because even though the challenge is huge, so is this desire and the spirit to fight.

"I wasn't born to come second. I have not come here to pass the time. I have come here to play and to fight for my place and to earn the right to play."

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