Most Champions League titles won by Football Clubs

Real Madrid are the most successful team in UEFA Champions League history with 15 titles. Here are the football clubs with the most Champions League titles.

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Real Madrid are the team with the most UEFA Champions League titles |

Real Madrid with their 14th UEFA Champions League title in 2021-22 season.

Europe has the best and the toughest club competition in the world. The only thing which separates an elite club from a normal club is the Champions League title. Clubs all around Europe dream of winning this competition. Clubs with the most Champions League titles earn more bragging rights than the others. Let's take a look at the top clubs that have won the most number of Champions League titles in the tournament's history.

Champions League Finalists and Winners List since 1956

European Cup and UEFA Champions League Finalists since 1956 -

Top clubs with the most Champions League titles (3 or more)

1. Real Madrid CF (14 UCL titles)

Real Madrid are the team with the most UEFA Champions League titles |

Everyone considers Real Madrid C.F. as the most successful club in world football. This club has achieved great heights both in recent times and in the past. Real Madrid won the first-ever European Cup in 1955-56 which was also the founding year of the competition. Back then it was formally known as the European Champion Clubs' Cup. The current format has been around since 1992. Real Madrid has won 14 UEFA Champions League titles which is more than any club in the world.

They won the tournament five consecutive times in the first five seasons of the tournament. Their recent achievement includes a three-peat of winning the UCL under Zinedine Zidane (2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18). Cristiano Ronaldo was their star performer with the most impact in the competition. He further tops the chart of the most goal scorers and assists providers in the competition as well.

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Real Madrid CF's Title winning years

Winning Year Opponent Team Scoreline Venue
1955-56 Reims 4-3 Paris
1956-57 Fiorentina 2-0 Madrid
1957-58 AC Milan 3-2(AET) Brussels
1958-59 Reims 2-0 Stuttgart
1959-60 Frankfurt 7-3 Glasgow
1965-66 Partizan 2-1 Brussels
1997-98 Juventus 0-1 Amsterdam
1999-00 Valencia 3-0 Saint-Denis
2001-02 Leverkusen 1-2 Glasgow
2013-14 Atletico Madrid 4-1(AET) Lisbon
2015-16 Atletico Madrid 1-1

(5-3) Pen
2016-17 Juventus 1-4 Cardiff
2017-18 Liverpool 3-1 Kyiv
2021-22 Liverpool 1-0 Paris
All 13 UCL Titles of Real Madrid

2. AC Milan (7 UCL Titles)

Maldini with the most champions league titles

Paolo Maldini lifting the Champions League 2006-07 season.

AC Milan is an Italian giant with a rich history and glories. They produced players like Maldini, Dida, Nesta and many more. They dominated world football in the past few decades, but things have changed drastically since then. Milan has fallen from the folds of great clubs in recent times but their UCL glory is still more than others just behind Real Madrid. They have beaten the likes of Juventus, Liverpool, and Barcelona to win the Champions League in the past. Milan won the Champions League 7 times in their history.

AC Milan's Title winning years

Winning Year Opponent Team Scoreline Venue
1962-63 Benfica 2-1 London
1968-69 Ajax 4-1 Madrid
1988-89 FSCB 4-0 Barcelona
1989-90 Benfica 1-0 Vienna
1993-94 Barcelona 4-0 Athens
2002-03 Juventus 0-0

(2-3) Pen
2006-07 Liverpool 2-1 Athens
All 7 titles of AC Milan

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3. FC Bayern Munich (6 UCL titles)

Most Champions League titles won by Football Clubs: FC Bayern Munich (6) -

Bayern Munich has been the dominant force in Europe for quite a long time. They dominate the Bundesliga and the domestic cup titles too. Recently, they have been one of the most prominent sides in Europe to deal with. Bayern humiliated Barcelona with an 8-2 defeat in the UCL quarter-finals and won the 2019-20 Champions League beating PSG comfortably by 1-0.

Robert Lewandowski was their main man in recent years with the most number of goals. However, they have consistently produced players like Robben, Franck Ribery, Thomas Muller and others who helped them win the trebles and sextuples.

Bayern Munich's Title winning years

Winning year Opponent Team Scoreline Venue
1973-74 Atletico Madrid 0-4 Brussels
1974-75 Leeds 2-0 Paris
1975-76 St- Etienne 1-0 Glasgow
2000-01 Valencia 1-1

(5-4) Pen
2012-13 Borussia Dortmund 1-2 London
2019-20 PSG 0-1 Lisbon
All 6 titles of FC Bayern Munich

4. Liverpool FC (6 UCL titles)

Liverpool FC Honours List - This Is Anfield

Trophy Cabinet of Liverpool including 6 UCL titles. Image - This is Anfield

Liverpool has turned the tables beautifully in recent times. They were a great force in the European competition but suddenly went numb. Liverpool had a rough patch where they went trophyless for many years. With the appointment of Jurgen Klopp as manager, Liverpool slowly redeemed themselves. In the 2017-18 season, they reached the UCL finals but failed to win against Real Madrid.

Most Champions League titles won by Football Clubs - Liverpool FC (6) -

Next season they came back stronger, from a 3-0 defeat in the first leg to win 4-0 in the second leg and knocked Barcelona out of the UCL semis. Liverpool went on to be the champions defeating Spurs by 2-0 in the all-English final to win their 6th UCL trophy. Their great comeback against Milan in 2005 at Istanbul still gives goosebumps to every football fan.

Liverpool's Title winning years

Winning year Opponent Team Scoreline Venue
1976-77 Monchengladbach 3-1 Rome
1977-78 Club Brugge 1-0 London
1980-81 Real Madrid 1-0 Paris
1983-84 Roma 1-1

(2-4) Pen
2004-05 AC Milan 3-3

(2-3) Pen
2018-19 Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 Madrid
All 6 titles of Liverpool FC

5. FC Barcelona (5 UCL Titles)

5 Most Successful Clubs in European Cup/Champions League History | ht_media

FC Barcelona bagging their 5th UCL title. Image - 90MIN

FC Barcelona are one of the biggest clubs in Europe with a great history in the UCL. They have won the title 5 times, while three of them came in the last decade. Their famous Lamasia - The FC Barcelona academy produced world-class players at the time. Players like Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, Gerard Pique and many more were a part of the academy.

Coach Pep Guardiola conquered the world with some beautiful football. He managed to win both the Treble and Sextuple during his reign. A few years later Luis Enrique guided them to their 5th UCL title and also a treble. That was Barcelona's last high run in the UCL. After that, they have faced some problems and have not been able to continue their dominance in European football.

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FC Barcelona's Title winning years

Winning Year Opponent Team Scoreline Venue
1991-92 Sampdoria 0-1(AET) London
2005-06 Arsenal 2-1 Saint-Denis
2008-09 Manchester United 2-0 Rome
2010-11 Manchester United 3-1 London
2014-15 Juventus 1-3 Berlin
All 5 Titles of Barcelona

6. Ajax (4 UCL Titles)

Most Champions League titles won by Football Clubs - Ajax |

AFC Ajax has a great history. They are the only team to win the UCL 4 times which is not from the top 5 leagues. Football maestro Johan Cruyff was from this team, he later changed the definition of playing football. Introducing Tiki-taka football to the world, Ajax had a great run in the past. He later influenced Barcelona to play that type of football which brought them huge success in the end.

They last won the title in 1995 when the likes of Van der Sar, and Rijkaard used to play for them. Since then they have reached the UCL semifinal in 2019 upsetting big teams and then lost to the Spurs in the semifinal in the dying minutes. Ajax's run is considered one of the greatest underdogs in the history of the UEFA Champions League.

Ajax's Title winning years

Winning year Opponent Team Scoreline Venue
1970-71 Panathinaikos 2-0 London
1971-72 Internazionale 2-0 Rotterdam
1972-73 Juventus 1-0 Belgrade
1994-95 AC Milan 1-0 Vienna
All 4 titles of AFC Ajax

7. Manchester United (3 UCL Titles)

Manchester United's 2007/08 Champions League Winners –

Manchester United one of the greatest clubs in the world has won three Champions League titles. They looked like the best team in the world during their reign. Players like David Beckham, Ryan Gigs, and Wayne Rooney were part of the golden team when United lifted their 3rd European title. Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of this team is one of the greatest ever in the history of the sport. He introduced one of the recent footballing greats Cristiano Ronaldo in top-flight football, who was also part of that 2007-08 team.

Manchester United have also won the treble and enlisted themselves in an elite list in World Football. Since then they qualified for two Champions League finals but faced defeat against FC Barcelona.

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Manchester United's Title winning years

Winning Year Opponent Team Scoreline Venue
1967-68 Benfica 4-1(AET) London
1998-99 Bayern Munich 2-1 Barcelona
2007-08 Chelsea 1-1

All 3 titles of Manchester United

8. Internazionale (3 UCL Titles)

Intermilan's 3rd UCL title

Inter with their 3rd UCL Trophy. Image - UEFA

Internazionale won two of their three trophies back in the 1960s. Since then they have been having disappointing year in and year out. Their recent UCL title was in 2009-10 when Jose Mourinho took charge. They were not the favourites in that season yet they went on to win the UCL.

Jose Mourinho at that time was emerging as one of the best coaches in the world. He played typical defensive football frustrated his opponents which created mistakes. They capitalised on those mistakes and went on to win their 3rd Champions League. They defeated the heavy-weights Barcelona in the semis and Bayern Munich in the final to clinch their title.

Internazionale's Title winning years

Winning Year Opponent team Scoreline Venue
1963-64 Real Madrid 3-1 Vienna
1964-65 Benfica 1-0 Milan
2009-10 Bayern Munich 0-2 Madrid
All 3 titles of Inter Milan

Clubs with less than three Champions League titles:

Teams No. of UCL Titles Winning Year
Juventus 2 1984-85; 1995-96
Chelsea 2 2011-12; 2020-21
Benfica 2 1960-61; 1960-62
FC Porto 2 1986-87; 2003-04
Nottm Forest 2 1978-79; 1979-80
Feyenoord 1 1969-70
Crvena Zvezda 1 1990-91
Aston Villa 1 1981-82
Marseille 1 1992-93
Hamburg 1 1982-83
Celtic 1 1966-67
FCSB 1 1985-86
PSV 1 1987-88
Borussia Dortmund 1 1996-97
Manchester City 1 2022-23
Teams with less than 3 Champions Leagues
Uefa Champions League Real Madrid Fc Barcelona Liverpool Fc Ac Milan Inter Milan Fc Bayern Munich Ucl Titles