Is there a Group of Death at Qatar 2022?  

We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of every group in Qatar World Cup 2022 as we look for if there is any group of death this time.

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More often than not, when a big tournament rolls around there is at least one group - aka the Group of Death - that makes four teams wince and the others breathe a sigh of relief. Is that the case at the Qatar 2022 World Cup?  

If so, what group is it? If not, what is the most difficult pool to navigate? Since the World Cup is not far away, let's take a look at how the groups are shaping up. 

So, is there a Group of Death at Qatar 2022? 

First things first, we should answer the key question. Is there a Group of Death at Qatar 2022. As you'd expect, some groups look more challenging than others but this time round there aren't any that you look at and consider a real lottery. In summary, there isn't a Group of Death at Qatar 2022. There are, however, some really interesting pairings and, as such, we'll look at every group. 

Group A 

Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands 

When you talk about Groups of Death you are generally saying you can't call who will go through. In Group A the odds lean heavily towards the Netherlands, who has a huge pedigree on the world stage from a historical standpoint, and Senegal, who are a dark horse to go deep in this tournament after winning the African Cup of Nations. Given Qatar are only in their first-ever World Cup as hosts it's hard to see them doing much whilst Ecuador are often participants and not a lot more. 

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Group B  

England, Iran, USA, Euro Play-off (Ukraine, Scotland, Wales) 

Look no further than England where Group B is concerned. The Three Lions made the semi-finals in Russia and then lost the Euro final on penalties last year; they'll be a big side in this competition and should breeze this group. Who joins them is a bit harder to call.  

The USA has a sprinkling of talent in their squad. Iran is tough to break down but never likely to push beyond the first knockout round even if they get out of the group. The final spot of Group B is yet to be decided but any of the three in contention will fancy a shot at second place. 

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Group C 

Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland 

Argentina are many peoples picks to win the World Cup and after their triumph at the Copa America in 2021, that's hard to argue with. It's even harder to argue with when you see their path to the knockout round; they should breeze through this group. Who will join them? Take your pick between Mexico and Poland. Saudi Arabia, however, will go home early. 

Group D 

France, Denmark, Tunisia, IC Play-Off (Peru, Australia, UAE) 

Group D is not dissimilar in structure to Group C with one standout favorite to top the standings whilst the other three teams won't have a great deal between them regardless of who joins Denmark and Tunisia in completing the pool. France are obviously the bankers to go through.  

Denmark perhaps shade things ahead of Tunisia and the as yet unknown fourth team but, in truth, the horrific incident with Christian Eriksen at the European Championships probably elevated the nation's performances for a little while.  

Group E 

Spain, Germany, Japan, IC Play-Off (Costa Rica, New Zealand) 

There is one spot still up for grabs in this group with Costa Rica or New Zealand completing the standings but, in reality, whoever makes it to Qatar 2022 will have little bearing on what teams progress from the first round. New Zealand and Costa Rica have a lot of similarities in their aims of being hard to beat whilst Japan will be a team every neutral enjoys for the respect they show others. In pure footballing terms though it would be a massive turn up for the books if anyone but Spain and Germany go through. The only question is in what order they top the group. 

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Group F 

Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia 

We're still several months out from Qatar 2022 but Canada and Morocco are probably already gearing up for what will likely be a short stay! Both sides have done well to make it to the World Cup with just the one qualification between them this century prior to the most recent qualification process.  

Croatia should ease through this group despite not being the outfit they were at the last World Cup. Belgium meanwhile could sneak under the radar here; they've already been written off by a few with their "golden generation" now past it – that could ease the pressure on what is still a talented group. 

Group G 

Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon 

There is one name that jumps off the page in this group; that's Brazil. They will top the Group G without any shadow of a doubt and, most likely, they'll go a long way in this tournament. The other three teams though are fairly evenly matched. If backed into a corner, you'd have to say the Swiss have perhaps shown the most of the trio in recent performances. None of them are likely to trouble the so-called bigger nations though. 

Group H 

Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea 

We've already admitted that there is no Group of Death at Qatar 2022, however, if you were throwing that label at one group then it would be H. Portugal are the headline team but, despite big names and undoubted ability, they only limped over the qualification line whilst the star man, Cristiano Ronaldo, will be nearly 38-years-old when the tournament gets underway.  

Uruguay meanwhile have a combination of ageing players and upcoming players like Darwin Nunez whilst they hardly blitzed qualification with six defeats. Ghana and South Korea are probably lesser fancied on paper but with players like Thomas Partey (Ghana) and Son Heung-Min (South Korea) they'll be capable of producing wins. 

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