Most Goals in Champions League 2022-23 Season

We will see the players with the most goals in the Champions League 2022-23 season. Erling Haaland won the Golden Boot after scoring 12 goals

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Most Goals in Champions League: Erling Haaland | Sportz Point

Manchester City secured the Champions League crown in 2022-23 and became the second English Club to complete a treble. They defeated Inter Milan 1-0 in the Final and won their first-ever European Competition. The stage was intense and the players stepped up even more than they had before. Some of the finest goalscorers in world football led charges for both collective and individual honors. Erling Haaland won the UEFA Champions League 2022/23 Golden Boot after scoring 12 goals in 11 games. He didn't score in the Semi-Final & the Final but he showed maturity in those games. Now let's see the players with the Most Goals in Champions League 2022-23 Season.

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Most Goals in Champions League 2022-23 (Top 5):

Erling Haaland | Manchester City

The phenomenal City striker, Haaland, has been a goal-scoring machine since his transfer from Dortmund. Haaland has scored 52 goals this season. He finished as the UEFA Champions League's top goal scorer in the 2022/23 season. The 22-year-old Manchester City striker won the UCL Golden Boot with 12 goals (10.36 xG). Erling Haaland also became the third player in Champions League history to score five goals in a game as he led Manchester City to a dominating 7-0 victory against RB Leipzig in the second leg of their last-16 tie. Manchester City won the Champions League for the first time in history and also completed the treble.

Most Goals in Champions League: Erling Haaland | Sportz Point

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Mohamed Salah | Liverpool

Initially, the Egyptian had a slow start to the season, but he picked up pace and improved his performance. Salah finished second on the list with the most goals in Champions League 2022/23. Despite Liverpool's early exit from the Round of 16 by Real Madrid, Salah scored 8 goals (4.46 xG). Although Salah didn't have a great season, he managed to score 30 goals across all competitions.

Most Goals in Champions League: Mohamed Salah | Sportz Point

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Kylian Mbappe | Paris Saint-Germain

The World Cup Golden Boot winner once again proved his worth and showed he is one of the best players in this modern generation to watch. Mbappe is third on the list with the most goals in UCL 2022/23 season. Although PSG had an early exit by Bayern in the Round of 16, Mbappe has managed to score 7 goals (3.57 xG). Kylian remained consistent throughout this season for PSG and France and has scored 41 goals across all competitions in Europe.

Most Goals in Champions League: Kylian Mbappe | Sportz Point

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Vinícius Júnior | Real Madrid

Real Madrid didn't have a great season and they missed out on qualifying for the final of the Champions League after Manchester City knocked them out. Vini Jr hasn't been consistent just like the other players of Real. He has only managed to score 10 goals in the Laliga after playing 33 games but in the Champions League, he was the best among the others in Madrid. He has scored 7 goals (8.86 xG) after 12 games. Manchester City knocked Real Madrid out in the Semi-Final of the Champions League and the dream of winning the Golden Boot was hampered for Vinícius Júnior.

Most Goals in the UCL 2022/23: Vinícius Júnior | Sportz Point

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João Mário | S.L. Benfica

In the UEFA Champions League season 2022/23, João Mário has played 10 matches and scored 6 goals (4.50 xG). He scored 17 goals in 33 matches in the Liga NOS 2022/2023 season. Despite Benfica being knocked out by Inter in the Quarter-Finals, He has stepped up every possible time. Mário has been consistent throughout this season and has scored 23 goals across all competitions.

Most Goals in the UCL 2022/23: João Mário | Sportz Point

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Most Goals in Champions League 2022-23 (Top 10):

Player Played (+sub) Mins Goals xG xG Per Avg Match Shots On Target Shots Per Avg Match On Target Per Avg Match
Erling Haaland (MCI) 9 (0) 686 12 10.36 1.43 36 22 4.98 3.04
Mohamed Salah (LIV) 7 (1) 664 8 4.46 0.63 23 13 3.29 1.85
Kylian Mbappe (PSG) 7 (1) 694 7 3.57 0.48 26 15 3.55 2.05
Vinícius Júnior (RMA) 10 (1) 924 7 8.86 0.91 37 19 3.80 1.95
João Mário (BEN) 10 (0) 908 6 4.50 0.47 12 6 1.25 0.62
Mehdi Taremi (POR) 7 (0) 648 5 4.94 0.72 24 12 3.51 1.75
Olivier Giroud (ACM) 12 (0) 989 5 6.53 0.62 26 16 2.49 1.53
Rafa (BEN) 10 (0) 853 5 5.99 0.66 28 12 3.11 1.33
Lewandowski (BAR) 5 (0) 475 5 2.91 0.58 24 10 4.80 2.00
Rodrygo (RMA) 9 (2) 761 5 4.35 0.54 25 11 3.12 1.37
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