PSG vs Barcelona UEFA Champions League 2023-24 QF: Raphinha and Christensen help Barcelona with a huge 3-2 win over PSG

Barcelona went past PSG by 3-2 in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League 2023-24 quarter-final in Paris as Raphinha scored a brace for Xavi's men. Andreas Christensen scored a clutch goal on his birthday to give Barcelona the win.

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PSG vs Barcelona UEFA Champions League 2023-24 QF: Raphinha and Christensen help Barcelona with a huge 3-2 win over PSG |

Raphinha scored his first-ever Champions League goal against PSG on Thursday.

Barcelona defeated PSG in Paris to win the 1st leg of the UEFA Champions League 2023-24 quarter-final by 3-2 on Thrushday. Raphinha's brace and Andreas Christensen's lone goal helped Xavi's men get the much-important advantage before heading into the second leg in the coming week. This is FC Barcelona's first win in the UCL Quarter-final in five years since Lionel Messi left the club.

Raphinha scored a brace to equal things for Barcelona |
Raphinha scored a brace for FC Barcelona.

The match started with a 50-50 contest at the Parc des Princes with the home fans making all the noises. PSG had a few good chances early in the match, but Raphinha converted first for the visitors for his first-ever UCL goal. Though the first half ended at 1-0 for Barcelona, a huge turnaround in the second half changed everything. 

Ousmane Dembele, playing against his former club found the net in the 48th minute and then Vitinha scored three minutes later to give PSG the lead. But, Xavi Hernandez's substitution worked like magic for Barcelona as Pedri came in and assisted within one minute for Raphinha and Barcelona's second goal in the 62nd minute. Then, in the 77th minute, Andreas Christensen, another substitute player came in from the bench and scored the all-important goal for them.

PSG vs Barcelona UEFA Champions League 2023-24 QF: Raphinha and Christensen help Barcelona with a huge 3-2 win over PSG |
Barcelona players celebrate the goal from Andreas Christensen.

In the defence line, 17-year-old Pau Cubarsi and Ronald Araujo were superb for the Catalonian team. After this win, Barcelona would hope for a good game at their home in the second half. However, with Mbappe not having a great night in Paris, PSG fans can hope for a magical turnaround at Camp Nou next week.

This was Koushik Biswas bringing you all the LIVE updates of the PSG vs Barcelona 1st leg quarter-final of UEFA Champions League 2023-24 in Paris. I hope you enjoyed the coverage. For the highlights of the match, read our LIVE blog below. Until next time, thank you and good night.

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Match Details

Match: Paris Saint Germain vs Barcelona, 1st leg, Quarter-final, UEFA Champions League 2023-24

Date: 11 April 2024

Time: 12.30 am IST

Venue: Parc des Princes, Paris

Referees: Anthony Taylor, Gary Beswick, Adam Nunn

Scorecard: PSG 2 (Dembele 48', Vitinha 51') : Barcelona 3 (Raphinha 37', 62', Christensen 72' )

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:56 IST
    That header from Christensen

    Andreas Christensen scored a goal on his birthday | Sportz Point

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:54 IST
    Xavi after the win

    "It's a big win, of course, playing away in the Champions League means it's big to win. We did really well, especially in defence, but tactically we did really well. The wingers helped us a lot."

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:54 IST
    Raphinha wins the player of the match award

    Raphinha won the player of the match award in the PSG vs Barcelona UCL Quarter-final in Paris |

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:51 IST
    Kylian Mbappe's stats tonight

    Kylian Mbappe's stats in PSG vs Barcelona UCL Quarter-final | Sportz Point


    Goals: 0

    Assists: 0

    Shots on target: 0

    Shots off target: 1

    Touches: 44

    Accurate passes: 88%

    Offsides: 3

    Possession lost: 13

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:40 IST
    Barcelona manage their first UCL Quarter-final win since Messi left

    PSG vs Barcelona UEFA Champions League 2023-24 QF: Raphinha and Christensen help Barcelona with a huge 3-2 win over PSG |

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:25 IST
    Full time | PSG 2-3 BAR

    Huge and important win for Barcelona in Paris. They go into the second leg with a 3-2 advantage and at Camp Nou, they will surely be more confident. Kylian Mbappe could not produce anything special. However, it was Dembele, who looked great against his former team. Raphinha with his first and second goal of his UCL career and Andreas Christensen, on his birthday produced a clutch goal to give them the lead. 


  • Apr 11, 2024 02:19 IST
    90' | Four minutes added

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:17 IST
    89' | Yellow card | PSG 2-3 BAR

    Yellow card for Beraldo for a foul on Kounde.

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:17 IST
    88' | Yellow card | PSG 2-2 BAR

    Yellow card for Andreas Christensen for a foul on Mbappe. He will miss the next leg as well.

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:14 IST
    85' | Change for PSG and Barcelona | PSG 2-3 BAR

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:09 IST

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:07 IST
    77' | Barcelona take the lead | PSG 2-3 BAR

    Andreas Christensen gives Barcelona the lead. Gundogan with the corner and the substitute, who just came in minutes earlier, heads the ball in for Barcelona's third of the night. PSG 2-2 Barcelona.

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:05 IST
    76' | Change for Barcelona | PSG 2-2 BAR

    Ferran Torres and Christensen come in to replace Raphinha and Frenkei de Jong.

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:03 IST
    75' | Dembele hits the post | PSG 2-2 BAR

    Very close for PSG and Dembele. Excellent pass from Vitinha and Dembele just opens up and take a shot with his right foot to hit the post.

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:02 IST

  • Apr 11, 2024 02:00 IST
    71' | Brilliant challenge by Araujo | PSG 2-2 BAR

    Ronald Araujo gets across and blocks a shot from Nuno Mendes to stop the crisis. 

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:59 IST
    That finish from Raphinha

    Raphinha scored a brace to equal things for Barcelona |

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:55 IST

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:53 IST
    62' | Raphinha makes it equal | PSG 2-2 BAR

    Barcelona make it equal. Raphinha with a great finish. Pedri, with his first touch of the match, sends in a great pass for Raphinha from the middle who volleys it past Donnarumma with his left foot. PSG 2-2 Barcelona 

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:49 IST
    61' | Change for both PSG and Barcelona | PSG 2-1 BAR

    Zaire-Emery in for Kang-in Lee for PSG. Felix and Pedri replaced Lamine Yamal and Sergi Roberto for Barcelona.

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:46 IST
    See that going in!

    Vitinha gave PSG the lead in the second half of PSG vs Barcelona 1st leg quarter-final | Sportz Point

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:44 IST
    54' | Stegen makes a save | PSG 2-1 BAR

    Barcola's right footed is punched away by Ter Stegen. 

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:41 IST
    51' | Second goal for PSG | PSG 2-1 BAR

    Two goals in four minutes for PSG. Vitinha gives PSG the lead. What a turnaround in the second half. Vatinha received a brilliant pass from Fabian Ruiz and then just had to place the ball inside the goal for the goal. PSG 2-1 Barcelona. 

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:39 IST
    49' | Dembele scores | PSG 1-1 BAR

    Dembele scores aganinst his former club. Kylian Mbappe did well to keep the ball and then the deflection fell on to the feet of Dembele who made a fool of Frankie de Jong with a turn and shot with his left-foot for the goal. It is all square in Paris. 

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:36 IST
    48' | Vitinha goes wide | PSG 0-1 BAR

    Vitinha goes wide with his right foot. 

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:35 IST
    The second half starts

    Barcola comes in for Asensio for PSG.

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:24 IST
    Cubarsi, at 17 already making waves

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:20 IST
    First half | PSG 0-1 BAR

    Barcelona looked better in the first 45 minutes in Paris and they now lead by 1-0 at half-time. They created more chances and looked compact as well. PSG will surely have to bring more energy and speed to the game in the second half. It will be interesting to see if Enrique brings any changes in the second half or not considering Barcelona have been solid in the defence. 

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:17 IST
    First UCL goal for Raphinha

    Raphinha scored his first UEFA Champions League goal against PSG |

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:10 IST
    37' | Goal for Barcelona | PSG 0-1 BAR

    Raphinha finds the net for Barcelona and the visitors lead in Paris. Robert Lewandowski with the attack for Barcelona from the middle of the pitch passed the ball to Lamine Yamal whose cross from the outside of the boot meant for Lewandowski was first deflected away by Donnarumma. However, the ball fell on the feet of the Brazilian who finished the job with style. PSG 0-1 Barcelona

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:05 IST
    34' | Sergi Roberto gets the yellow card | PSG 0-0 BAR

    Sergi Roberto gets the first yellow card of the match for a foul on Kylian Mbappe. He will miss the second leg.

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:04 IST
    That save from Donnarumma

    Donnarumma made a good save early in the PSG vs Barcelona match | Sportz Point

  • Apr 11, 2024 01:02 IST

    PSG vs Barcelona UEFA Champions League 2023-24 QF Live blog: Early chance for Barcelona; Yamal creates history | Sportz Point

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:59 IST
    28' | Interception by Sergi | PSG 0-0 BAR

    An important interception by Sergi Roberto as Demeble's cross from the right was heading towards Mbappe. 

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:56 IST
    In the history book

    At 16 years and 272 days, Lamine Yamal is now the youngest player to play in UEFA Champions League quarter-final match.

    Lamine Yamal: PSG vs Barcelona UCL Quarter-final |

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:54 IST
    23' | Donnarumma makes the save | PSG 0-0 BAR

    A diving Donnarumma saves Raphinha's left-footed shot. Barcelona are looking good now. 

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:53 IST
    20' | Nearly for Barcelona | PSG 0-0 BAR

    Ohhhh! The ball went in nearly. But, it was Nuno Mendes who did the dirty work to avoid the ball going over the line. It started with Raphinha making the run on the left and earning a corner. Lewandowski then jumped high enough to get a touch over Donnarumma. But Mendes came in to save PSG.

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:50 IST
    19' | Araujo blocks Mendes' shot | PSG 0-0 BAR

    Nuno Mendes on the left just looked like Kylian Mbapee for a second as he dribbled through two defenders and then went for a shot with his left foot. However, his shot is blocked by Araujo.

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:47 IST

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:47 IST

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:44 IST
    12' | Kounde blocks Mbappe's shot | PSG 0-0 BAR

    Kylian Mbappe finds Barcelona defenders on the run again with the counterattack. But Barca's defenders did well to catch him and Kounde made the slide to block Mbappe's shot from left.

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:41 IST
    9' | Dembele makes a good run | PSG 0-0 BAR

    Ousmane Dembele, against his former club FC Barcelona makes a good run on the right in the counter attack. However, he failed to send the cross in for Kylian Mbappe, who was waiting inside the box. Cubarsi with the block for Barcelona and it goes for another corner. The second one for PSG.

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:37 IST
    5' | Mbappe goes wide | PSG 0-0 BAR

    Kylian Mbappe on the right takes a chance with his outside boot but it goes wide.

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:36 IST
    Historic night for Marquinhos

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:33 IST
    2' | Early free-kick for PSG | PSG 0-0 BAR

    Free-kick was taken by Marquinhos. The shot is blocked by Ronald Araujo and it goes for the first corner of the night.

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:31 IST

    PSG kick things off in Paris. 

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:29 IST

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:27 IST
    Players are coming out of tunnel

    We are minutes away from the kickoff!

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:21 IST
    Old mates

  • Apr 11, 2024 00:20 IST
    FDJ is back for Barcelona

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