West Ham fans threaten to boycott London Stadium for charging $13 for pint of beer

West Ham have been slammed for charging AU$13 for a pint of lager at the game against Manchester City on Sunday.

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West Ham have been slammed for charging AU$13 for a pint of lager.

The Hammers were in action at London Stadium for the first time this season as they fell 2-0 to Manchester City over the weekend.

Football fans arriving at the match were left bemused by the astonishing costs of refreshments, The Sun reports.


West Ham fans outside London Stadium (Image- The Sun)

Twitter account Football Away Days warned: "If you're off to West Ham this season, you'll need to remortgage your house for a few pints."

Pints of Amstel, Birra Moretti and Heineken were all priced at £7.60 ($13), while even a half was £3.70 ($6.40) for the former and £3.85 ($6.65) for the latter two.

Even a bottle of Coca-Cola was priced at an astonishing £4.50 ($7.80), with a packet of crisps setting fans back £2.50 ($4.30).

Football Away Days' post gained plenty of traction among irate fans, with one responding: "That tastes like bankruptcy."

A second blasted: "Absolutely dreadful club."

While a third fumed: "Ripping off their own fans during a cost of living crisis. Stay classy West Ham."

Another added: "£4.50 for a bottle of coke!!! S*** the bed! That's absolutely scandalous! They're probably buying them in at less than a £1 a bottle."

A further supporter called on fans to boycott, writing: "The only retaliation is to not buy a thing. (Maxwel) Cornet wasn't worth it if the fans have to pay his wages weekly. Disgusting."

A recent survey found that Man City was home to the cheapest pint in the Premier League.

According to Top10Casinos, you can pick one up from Etihad Stadium for just £3.40.

Fans fumed last year about the cost of a burger and chips at Arsenal.

The greedy Gunners charged fans $31 for a burger and chips at Emirates Stadium.

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