Women’s Champions League: Most titles by clubs

As Barcelona wins their first Women Champions League, we look into teams with the most titles in history.

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Women’s Champions League: Most titles by clubs

As Barcelona wins their first Women Champions League, we look into teams with the most titles in history.

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UEFA Women’s Champions League is the highest level of competition in club football for women. The then UEFA women’s cup is now the Women’s Champions League. It involves the top club teams from countries affiliated with the European governing body UEFA. The competition was first played in 2001. UEFA changed the name of the competition in 2009. The inclusion of runners-up from the top eight ranked nations was one of the most significant changes in 2009. Other changes include the removal of the two-legged final. The finals further became one-legged just like the men’s final. The same cities hosted both the women and men’s final till 2018. The 2021-22 season will include a proper group stage for the first time in the Women’s Champions League era.

Most titles in Women’s Champions League:

Most UEFA Women's Championship League Titles | SportzPoint

1. Lyon (7 titles)

Most Women's champions League title holder Lyon - SportzPoint
Lyon lifts 5th straight trophy
Image – CNN International

Olympique Lyonnais the club from France has won the most title in the history of the tournament. It has won a record-breaking five consecutive titles from 2016 to 2020. The other two titles came in 2011 and 2012 consecutively. Lyon also holds the record of the most final appearances (9) out of which they have won 7. They also appeared 11 times in the semi-finals which are more than any club in the competition. France has achieved 7 titles and Lyon have brought all of them.

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2. FFC Frankfurt (4 titles)

Second highest women's champions league title holder- SportzPoint
Frankfurt’s 4th trophy
Image – UEFA

FFC Frankfurt from Germany has the second-highest titles in the competition. They won three titles during the two-legged finals in 2002, 2006 and 2008. The other title came in the single-legged finals against PSG in 2015. They have the second most final appearances (6) just after Lyon. They also come behind Lyon in the most semi-final appearances (8). Out of the 9 titles that Germany achieved Frankfurt contributed 4 in them. Germany has the most titleholders in the competition as well.

3. Turbine Potsdam (2 titles)

2 times Women's Champion's league winner - SportzPoint
potsdam with the WCL
Image – DW

Turbine Potsdam is also a club from Germany who has won 2 titles in the competition. They have won one title in 2005 during the two legged final beating Djurgården. The other title came in an one off final in 2010 where they beat Lyon in penalties. They have double the final appearances than they have won the title. They appeared 6 times in semi finals.

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4. Umeå (2 titles)

Umeå Women's Champions League team - SportzPoint
Umeå women’s team
Image – Gettyimages

The club from Sweden has two titles. They are the only ones to prove it in the competition from Sweden. They have the third-highest final appearance in the competition(5) behind Lyon and Frankfurt. Umeå have 7 semi-final appearances just behind Frankfurt. Both of their titles came in the two-legged finals in 2003 and 2004. They beat Fortuna Hjørringe 7-1 and Frankfurt by 8-0 to lift their titles respectively. Umeå lost to Frankfurt in 2002 in a one-off final and successfully avenged them in 2004.

5. Wolfsburg (2 titles)

Wolfsburg Women's Champions League team - SportzPoint
Wolfsburg Women Team
Image – Youtube

The German club has 2 titles similar to Potsdam. They won their titles in one-off finals in 2013 and 2014 beating Lyon(1-0) and Tyresö (4-3) respectively. They have 5 final appearances and 6 semi-final appearances. Their final in Lisbon in 2014 was a rollercoaster ride as it was a goal-galore.

Clubs with single title:


Arsenal women winning team - SportzPoint
Arsenal WomenTeam’s first title
Image – UEFA

Arsenal has 6 Semi-final appearances and holds the record for the most quarter-final appearances(13). They are the only club in England to win a women’s title. They won the title in 2007 beating Umeå 1-0 in the two-legged finals.


Duisberg's first champions league title - SportzPoint
Duisberg’s first title
Image – UEFA

Duisburg, another club from Germany winning a title at this stage. They beat Zvezda 7-1 in 2009 to secure their first title.

FC Barcelona:

Barcelona Femini 1st Woman Champions League - SportzPoint
Barcelona Femini’s first CL
image – UEFA

Barcelona becomes the first club to provide Spain with a title. They are the recent champions where they crushed Chelsea 4-0 and also won the treble. While the FC Barcelona men’s squad are failing on big stages the Women stood up and delivered.

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