Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: Google Doodle celebrates in their own style

As Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics began in China's Beijing city on Friday, Google marked the event with an animated doodle.

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The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics kicked off on February 4 in Beijing, China's capital city. Google commemorated the occasion with an animated doodle depicting some of the events that will be performed during the Olympics.

The doodle illustrates six beautiful animals taking part in various winter activities. An ice dancing rabbit, a curling mouse, a wings-flapping duck on skis, a snowboarding leopard, and a fox playing hockey are among the creatures.

"The competitive critters featured in today's Doodle have gathered from all over the world under the winter sky to keep their cool and put their opponents on ice. Who will be pouncing on victory and scurrying home an international legend? Find out over the next two weeks as the Games have officially begun," stated the Google Doodle description.

Users will get a direction to a Google search page pertaining to all of the Winter Games that will take place, shortly after clicking on the animated doodle. Nonetheless, the page is on the Olympic website, and it lists all of the events and their times.

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The 17-day multi-sport tournament kicked off on Friday, February 4th, and will continue until February 20th. In and around Beijing, more than 2,800 participants from 91 countries will compete in 15 categories in seven sports.

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As part of a diplomatic embargo, The Us, The U.k., and a few other countries will not send ambassadors to the Beijing Winter Games, but the Chinese capital will still attract a number of world dignitaries for the opening ceremony. A Chinese Army soldier was named a torchbearer at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch Relay on Thursday. Therefore, alarmed Indian authorities declared that they will not attend the ceremony. This soldier actively participated in the 2020 Galwan conflict with Indian troops.

Arif Mohammad Khan, a skier from India, will compete in the Beijing Winter Olympics. However, he will be the country's only representative athlete.

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