Beijing Winter Olympics 2022: China's Eileen Gu becomes first freestyle skier to win medals in three different events

Eileen Gu, a Chinese superstar, has won gold in the Freeski halfpipe at the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, her third medal of the Games.

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Eileen Gu | Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 |

On day 14 of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, Eileen Gu, China's 18-year-old American-born skier, won gold in the Freeski halfpipe with a tally of 95.25. As a result, she added to her medal tally on Friday in Beijing and cemented her place in history.

Eileen Gu | Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 |

Source: Yahoo Sports

Gu earned a 93.25 on her first run, which was strong enough to fetch her the win. However, she stepped it up with a 95.25 on her second run after beginning with clean back-to-back 900s. Gu was in first place going into the third run, and when it came time for her to slide in as the final competitor, she had nothing except a triumphant race ahead of her.

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The champion's reaction after the sublime triumph at the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

Gu unveiled that her win was the culmination of years of hard effort, during which she hurdled hours of daily practice with her employment as a model and student.

In her words, "I feel at peace. I feel grateful. I feel proud. Skiing is all about fun and individuality and being able to express yourself and find that flow, and for myself, I really find that in halfpipe."

Eileen Gu | Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 |

Source: NBC News

"It's really great to see and it's so inspiring. It makes me want to be a better skier myself. I think she's amazing for the sport. It has been two straight weeks of the most intense highs and lows I've ever experienced in my life. It's changed my life forever. The second I landed the last 16 in big air I knew my life was never going to be the same," Gu went on to conclude.

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With this victory by her side, Gu has become the first freestyle skier in history to win three Olympic medals in a single Tournament. Canada's Cassie Sharpe and Rachel Karker took silver and bronze, correspondingly. Kelly Sildaru of Estonia, who, like Gu, competed in all three Freeski events, landed narrowly off the podium in 4th position.

However, Hannah Faulhaber was sixth, Brita Sigourney was tenth, and Carly Margulies was eleventh among Americans.

Eileen Gu 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics