What are the Most Popular Forms of Gambling?

Football gambling, horse racing and online casinos are one the of the most popular Forms of Gambling available in the market.

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Gambling is a popular pastime that attracts players from all backgrounds and many countries. Some countries such as Australia are home to thriving communities of gamblers. It’s estimated that 80% of the Australian population has gambled in their lifetime. This makes Australia one of the world’s leading advocates of gambling.

Historians believe that the early harsh conditions faced by early western settlers in Australia led to them seeking to unwind and relax by gambling with their friends and relatives after a hard day working the land. In contrast, countries such as North Korea, Cambodia and the United Emirates have a strict no gambling policy and sanctions are imposed if people are found to be indulging in this activity.

In countries where gambling is legal, there is a variety of types of betting that can take place. This article describes three of the most popular forms of gambling.

1. Football betting

Betting on the outcomes of football matches (known as "soccer" in the USA) is one of the most popular forms of sports gambling in many western countries. It’s an attractive proposition for many football fans as their in-depth knowledge of the sport and its key players allows them to make highly educated guesses on the outcomes of matches.

Bets can be made on the final score of the match along with various other parts of the match, such as how many yellow cards will be issued or the time when the first goal will be scored.

One notable event from the recent English Premiership history was when Leicester City won the league title in 2016. This was completely unexpected as most bookmakers had expected the team to be rank outsiders. As a result, odds of 5,000/1 were commonly put on the team winning the league at the start of the season leading to a few lucky fans to make small fortunes.

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2. Online Casinos

Online casinos have become an almost global phenomenon in the gambling world in recent decades. The convenience of being able to visit a casino on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and game in the comfort of your home has proved to be an extremely attractive proposition for millions of gamblers around the world. Also, the possibility of gambling with as little as 1$, by accessing 1$ minimum deposit casinos in just one click, has made the industry even more attractive to gamblers.

Australia has a range of high-quality online casinos which can be quickly found by searching for online casino Australia real money. These sites offer an authentic casino experience with modern features such as live dealer games and the opportunity to chat with other players in real time.

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3. Horse Racing

Horse racing is another sport that attracts a lot of interest from gamblers. Key races such as the English Grand National at Aintree attract millions of viewers worldwide and present an annual opportunity for seasoned gamblers and casual sports fans to come together and make bets on their favoured horses. In horse racing, bets are placed on the overall winner of the race, or an each-way bet can be placed that allows winnings to be given to gamblers who pick a horse that finishes the race placing in a certain position at the end of the race (often in the top three). The pay-outs from each-way bets are considerably less than correctly picking the outright winner but give improved chances of winning money back.