Andy Murray accuses Tsitsipas of cheating at the US Open.

Andy Murray has continued to express his anger at Stefanos Tsitsipas after accusing the Greek of cheating at the US Open.

Debangshu Biswas
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Andy Murray expressed his anger over Tsitsipas because of long breaks in the first round of the US Open. Tsitsipas had two lengthy comfort breaks during their match. With the second coming at a crucial time and lasting an astonishing seven minutes. However, the world number 3 won the match but received an unhappy handshake from a very angry Murray.

Subsequently, Andy Murray did not hold back in the post-match press conference either. "I lost respect for him," he said. "Do you think that's normal? Do you think it's totally fine? I think it's nonsense and he knows it as well.

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"I said I don't want to do press tonight because I know I'm going to sit here and it's going to sound like I'm just smashing him."That's annoying to for me because it sounds like sour grapes because you've lost a match. I would have said the same thing if I'd won, I promise. It was nonsense, and he knows it."

However, Eurosport expert Wilander defended Tsitsipas - All the great players stretch the rules, he said. Tsitsipas was in the moment. Murray may have been too involved in the moment. I'm not too sure it would have made a difference in the end."

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