"Associations lack infrastructure": Poushali Mallick, A Volleyball Khelo India Participant

Poushali Mallick, a professional Volleyball player from Bengal said "associations lack infrastructure" in an exclusive interview with Sportz Point.

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"Associations lacks infrastructure": Poushali Mallick, A Volleyball Khelo India Participant - Volleyball - Sportz Point

She stands nearly 6 feet tall. She is a central blocker who blocks the opponent's brut smashes. Moreover, she is a Sub-Junior, Junior Volleyball player from Bengal. She has also represented Calcutta University in many tournaments. Furthermore, she is also a Khelo India Participant. Well, these are all the achievements of Poushali Mallick in her short volleyball career yet. However, she wants more. In fact, her goal is to make India and Bengal a Volleyball powerhouse. Poushali shared her thoughts on that with an exclusive interview with us.

While sharing her views on the current scenario as a Volleyball professional, Poushali told that associations lack the infrastructure to help the game level up. Volleyball, which is an indoor game gets played and practised outdoors throughout the year. Even the players get the wooden courts only when they play in the national tournaments. Otherwise, it's all sweat and soil for every player out there.


Not only the infrastructure, but the lack of guidance is also a major issue at the ground level. "There is a lack of trained trainers or coaches at the base level. Sometimes the trainers do not even know what the players should do when injured", Poushali told us. However, she also thinks that there is not enough money in the game for the coaches to get trained or even make it a full-time job. Hence, it becomes tough for them as well.

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Although, according to her, at the ground level there is a lack of "talent pool" as well. "Sometimes it is not only the talent but lack of tall athletes is also a major issue as well", she told us. "Well, coaches tell us if you are tall enough to play volleyball, we will make you the best, but we can not make you taller", she added.

When asked about financial help and job securities of players, Poushali shared the sorrows of every other player who plays Indian sports other than cricket and football. "The government jobs are now less. Only Rail, Police and Post Office India recruits India level players. There are not many opportunities for state-level players as of now like other sports", Poushali expressed with a worry in her voice.

"To be fair, the clubs are not wealthy enough to support the players that much financially. The jobs are getting less day by day. Players somehow need support from the associations or government to continue playing."

Poushali Mallick on financial condition and job oppurtunities for players

The Indian Government has already implemented a few projects like Khelo India and Fit India to nurture the young talents of the country. Poushali who got third place with the Bengal U-21 team in Khelo India 2019 thinks it to be helpful enough for the players. "Players who do well in Khelo India get the chances to represent India sooner with the limelight on the tournament", said Poushali.

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Although Bengal Women's Volleyball team is one of the strongest in India, she thinks they can improve a lot. Setting camps and practice throughout the year can help that cause. Moreover, girls do not have someone exemplary in the game to look at as well.

"You only need just a ball to play". But, young players do not have players to get inspired from like other sports. We need to change that for upcoming generations."

Poushali on future of next generation vlooeyball players

With a hope to change the game, the 2015 sub-junior National champion, 2017 junior Nationa Champion urges the next generation to take up the game and make India an Asian powerhouse.

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