‘Mr. Kohli Has More Chats Than Runs’ English Fans Mock Indian Skipper Virat Kohli, Get Schooled Nicely

A lot of heated arguments were seen between the Indian skipper Virat Kohli and England fast bowler James Anderson. It started a huge fight between the fans on Twitter.
‘Mr. Kohli Has More Chats Than Runs’ English Fans Mock Indian Skipper Virat Kohli, Get Schooled Nicely
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Sledging is not something new about Test cricket. In the 2nd test match between India and England, a lot of verbal fights were evident between the Indian Captain Virat Kohli and the English fast bowler James Anderson. The match has ended a few days back with India winning the 2nd test match but the battle between the fans of these two countries has not stopped yet. During the match, the heated conversations between both sides at different points during the match was quite visible.

Image Credit- Circle of Cricket

The most important take from the 2nd test match is not only India winning an exceptional victory at the Lord's, but also the heated argument between Virat Kohli and James Anderson. Both the veteran players came face to face many times but things got extreme on day 4 of the second test match.

The conversation between the players on the field is not properly audible on our TV sets due to different reasons. On day 4, a few England cricket fans, Barmy Army, recorded the entire sledging incident and posted it on their Twitter handle with proper subtitles as well. They thought that people will love the video and fall in love with test cricket if they think it to be boring.

But their whole motive backfired and it started out a huge clash between both the countries' fans. Indian fans took the side of Virat Kohli and condemned Anderson for being a bully. Whereas the fans of England cricket blamed Kohli because of the words he used against James Anderson. This incident stretched into a gigantic virtual fight on Twitter.

How England fans trolled Kohli?

The Indian captain had a hard time in the test series and therefore got trolled by the England fans. They troll Kohli and said that he should focus on his batting skills instead of sledging the opposition. A few of them criticized him by saying that he is only good at sledging. England fans tried to pull Kohli's morale down by comparing him to Mohammed Shami as he scored more runs than Kohli in the first two matches against England.

How Indian fans supported Kohli and responded back?

The Indian fans supported Kohli and talked in the favour of the Indian team on Twitter. They responded and reminded the England fans that the India team has many cricketers they can trust upon for scoring runs unlike them as they are only dependent on Joe Root. They were responded back by reminding them of the phenomenal performance by the tail-enders of the Indian cricket team; Jasprit Burmah and Mohammed Shami on the 2nd test match that also helped the team to win the match. Indian fans advised the English fans to focus and acknowledge their own faults instead of poking a finger at Kohli or the Indian cricket team and prepare for the upcoming test match.

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