How Fantasy Cricket Popularity Grew during Lockdown

As the world got restricted in the lockdown due to covid-19, we discuss how the lockdown helped fantasy cricket grow.

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We're all aware of how IPL's league was supposed to be brighter and bigger than ever. But what stopped it? The lockdown and strict provisions imposed during the crisis did. The recess of the cricket events resulted in enormous plop trade and advertisement agendas on grip and compelled several platforms to change tracks. And the ways that were modified are today popularly known as online fantasy cricket. The lockdown has deviated from how we gaze at the world. They have amended our socialising recommendations as people stay indoors rather than out. As individuals uncover fresh ways to keep up engaged, online sports games have evolved the modern standard, and who might not like to play these games? They are leisure, can be accessed anywhere, and guarantee hours of amusement. You can download fantasy cricket app and experience them by yourself.

How Fantasy Cricket Popularity Grew during Lockdown | Sportz Point

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Reasons why lockdown has been an excellent hit for Fantasy Cricket -  

  • Individuals stayed inside for months  

The lockdown has provided a massive thrust to the fantasy cricket platform. While we discuss the advancement of fantasy cricket and other online fantasy sports games, the contribution of lockdown is undeniable. For several months, individuals were urged to remain inside their residences, and this detention gave gaming buffs more justification to stick to their mobile tabs. The social distancing criterion and not socialising with colleagues converted even non-gaming people into huge time gamers. 

  • Cricket lovers could play with comfort   

Online Fantasy cricket enables cricket devotees to attend and encounter the delight of the tournaments by real vibes on the virtual ground. Performers learn to establish their cricket team by designating from a corner of 25 - 30 players. Performer nomination is founded on the substantial performance and aspect of the performers on the floor. This implies that when one is playing fantasy cricket, one can retain Ben Stokes or Virat Kohli on your team. From choosing the right team to carefully enrolling and concluding on the batting line for the tournaments, a fantasy player amasses many duties as the holder of its virtual team. The game retains players' interest and excitement even by sitting on their home chairs. Innovation, craze, and vibes are all noticed and the game excited every cricket lover who helped it reach the sky.  

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  • Improvement in digital infrastructure  

Even before the pandemic, online fantasy games in India had reached their pinnacle and the reason behind such a peak was the digital infrastructure and easy payment gateways. Such platforms have become an alternative means for sports lovers to connect with their favourite cricket game and test their knowledge and skills. However, the pandemic badly affected this platform and temporarily disconnected it. These games depend on the real-time performance of the players and because of the pandemic there were no cricket games for some duration.  

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However, the situation has become normal now and almost all the cricket matches have started, this is good news for cricket lovers. Even though the pandemic is not over, real-time cricket has started and game lovers can play fantasy cricket games from their homes. 

  • Indian Premier League  

The lock-down has been imposed when the country was entirely awaiting the Season 13 of IPL. Simultaneously, the fantasy sports managers and operators concentrated on their techniques and undertakings to get boosted in the upcoming season. This sudden lockdown has built employment disruption in the brief phrase. Industry interactions demonstrated that IPL, the vastly prominent sporting coalition in India, produces 40 percent of the incomes for the maximum of the online fantasy operators. As there was the news of the events being postponed, there was a pressure of cash flow on all these online operators. The short-term dividend and consumer engagement have provoked fantasy sports businessmen to modify their subsidies to produce currency to lessen the high dependence on Cricket and significant associations like the IPL.  

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All of this directly impacted the companies governing fantasy sports such as online fantasy sports operators, analytics platforms, marketing agencies, and many others. Industry interactions revealed that operators are taking positive actions to overcome the challenges given by the Covid-19 situation.  


The initiatives and innovations one observes after they download fantasy cricket apps can enable the recovery of most users. The lockdown imposition has a sharp plunge and has empowered sports-based subjects for enthusiasts.  

The companies have thrived during the lockdown and are looking ahead to increase agendas as user engagement widens.

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