"AIFF should make an AIFF Academy," Thomas Dennerby has some advice for the All India Football Federation

Thomas Dennerby, India U-17 Women's team head coach feels AIFF should have an AIFF academy where all the U17, U19 teams can come and train.

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Thomas Dennerby, the head coach of India U17 Women's team shared some advice for the All India Football Federation in the post-match press conference after Brazil vs India match. After ending the U17 World Cup 2022 journey with a 5-0 loss against Brazil, the Indian coach was full of praise for the young girls for giving everything they had.

Thomas Dennerby and his assistant during India vs Brazil match at Kalinga Stadium | Sportz Point.

Thomas Dennerby and his assistant during India vs Brazil match at Kalinga Stadium.

The Indian head coach felt his team was more compact in defence than in the last two matches against USA and Morocco. Moreover, as per him, the referring could have been better in their match against Brazil. According to him, there was a clear foul or red card when Indian striker Neha was pulled down by Brazil defender Grazy in the 30th minute of the match. If not pulled Neha could have been the first-ever Indian woman to score in any world cup.

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However, Thomas accepted that Brazil was a far better team than India, he felt, Neha's goal, if scored, could have changed the course of the match.

With all of the disappointment aside, the Indian coach was loud and clear about the fact these Indian girls are very talented and have a better future ahead of them.

"This is a very clear statement from you will hear from me now. India have a good chance of being a top team in Asia," Thomas Dennerby said in the post-match press conference. But, he feels, these girls need a good environment and time to grow as better footballers.

"They need time. They need to come in a good environment where they will have good training sessions. They can not be training for two-three months and then stop again. Then you will just reach the same level," Thomas added.

That is why he feels the All India Football Federation should come up with an AIFF Academy where all the U-17, U-19, and Indian Arrows and senior teams will come and practice.

"For a big country like India, probably it would be good to have an AIFF Academy where we can have the best players from the U-17s, Indian Arrows, U-19s and the senior team represent and see each other."

Thomas Dennerby, Head Coach, India U-17 Women's team.

Along with this, Thomas feels that Indian clubs will have a big role to play in the development of women's football in India. According to him, clubs should sign these young girls, not for two or three months, but for at least a few years.

"I hope these young girls (get) very quickly signed by good clubs of IWL and others. We showed that we are a very good team. We played three times against Odhisa and I think they could not beat us"

"But you can not sign players for two-three months. You will have to give the environment to them. That is the absolute key," he added.

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