Argentina vs Ecuador Copa America 2024 Quarter-finals Highlights | Argentina are through to semi-finals after a 4-2 win on penalties

Despite Lionel Messi missing a penalty for Argentina, the defending champions defeated Ecuador by 4-2 in the penalties to qualify for the Copa America 2024 semi-finals. Emiliano Martinez saved two penalties in the shootout

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Argentina vs Ecuador Copa America 2024 Quarter-finals LIVE Updates | Argentina are through to semi-finals after a 4-2 win on penalties -

Hello and welcome to Sportz Point's LIVE coverage of the Argentina vs Ecuador quarter-final match of the Copa America 2024 at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.ย 

This is Koushik Biswas, who will be bringing you all the updates, scores, news and photos of the match LIVE from the web desk. Argentina are coming off a great group stage and even showed their squad depth without their leader Lionel Messi. Meanwhile, Ecuador, after a good show in Group B, will also be confident about creating an upset in the tournament.

So, hold on to your breath as we bring you all the latest on the match.

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  • Jul 05, 2024 09:23 IST

  • Jul 05, 2024 09:08 IST
    The best in the world?

    Emiliano Martinez saved two penalties as Argentina beat Ecuador in Copa America quarter-finals -


    Argentina have now won four straight penalty shootouts since Emi Martinez became their first-choice goalkeeper:

    • 2021 Copa America semifinal vs Colombia
    • 2022 World Cup quarterfinal vs Netherlands
    • 2022 World Cup final vs France
    • 2024 Copa America quarterfinal vs Ecuador

  • Jul 05, 2024 09:07 IST
    Martinez after the penalties

    Emiliano Martinez saved two penalties as Argentina beat Ecuador in Copa America quarter-finals -


    "They made it very difficult for us. They played a great game, very physical. We knew they were going to be one of the toughest opponents in the cup.

    "I wasn't ready to go home. This group deserved to go on.

    "I work to do this. I dive 500 times per training session. We have to give our best because the people deserve it."

  • Jul 05, 2024 09:01 IST
    Sheer confidence

  • Jul 05, 2024 09:00 IST
    Insane record for Dibu

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:42 IST
    Argentina are into the semi-finals for a consecutive fifth edition.

    The defending champions are into the semis for a straight fifth edition. They beat Ecuador on penalties by 4-2 after the game ended in a draw.

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:33 IST

    • Lionel Messi (Argentina) fails to convert his penalty! ARG 0-0 ECU
    • Angel Mena (Ecuador) misses! ARG 0-0 ECU
    • Julian Alvarez (Argentina) scores! ARG 1-0 ECU
    • Alan Minda (Ecuador) misses! ARG 1-0 ECU
    • Alexis Mac Allister (Argentina) scores from the penalty spot. ARG 2-0 ECU
    • John Yeboah (Ecuador) scores! ARG 2-1 ECU
    • Gonzalo Montiel (Argentina) scores! ARG 3-1 ECU
    • Jordy Caicedo (Ecuador) scores! ARG 3-2 ECU
    • Nicolas Otamendi (Argentina) converts his penalty! ARG 4-2 ECU

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:29 IST
    Into the penalties

    It is 1-1 after full time and somehow, some way, we're headed to penalties!

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:25 IST

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:22 IST
    90+1' | Goal by Kevin Rodriguez | ARG 1-1 ECU

    Argentina vs Ecuador Copa America 2024 Quarter-finals LIVE Updates | Kevin Rodriguez scores a late equaliser for Ecuador; ARG 1-1 ECU -


    Wait, what? Are we going to penalties? Kevin Rodriguez scores a terrific header for Ecuador and it is all equal in Texas. Argentina 1-1 Ecaudor. John Yeboah with a quick free-kick that resulted in a goal for them.

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:20 IST
    69,456 fans at the ground

    69,456 fans at the ground to watch Messi's Argentina vs Ecuador Copa America Quarter-finals -

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:17 IST
    87' | Fifth change for Ecuador

    Jordy Caicedo replaces Alan Franco.

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:14 IST
    Record for Messi

    Lionel Messi now has played most minutes in Copa America history -


    Lionel Messi, the most capped player in Copa America's history, is now the record holder for most minutes played in the tournament history.

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:12 IST
    81' | Yellow card

    Yellow card for Nicolas Tagliafico -


    Yellow card for Nicolas Tagliafico.

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:11 IST
    80' | Double change for Ecuador

    Angel Mena and John Yeboah replace Enner Valencia and Carlos Gruezo.

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:08 IST
    78' | Change for Argentina

    Scaloni makes his first change as Giovani Lo Celso replace Enzo Fernandez. Otamendi comes in for Lisandro.

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:07 IST
    77' | Yellow card

    Nicolas Gonzalez recieves a yellow card for a foul.

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:06 IST
    75' | Yellow card

    Yellow card for Moises Caicedo.

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:04 IST

  • Jul 05, 2024 08:03 IST
    68' | Messi goes off-target

    A chance for Lionel Messi to be on the scoresheet for the first time in the tournament. However, he misses his target this time.

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:58 IST
    65' | Change for Argentina

    Julian Alvarez replaces Lautaro Martinez.

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:55 IST
    62' | Valencia misses the penalty

    Argentina vs Ecuador Copa America 2024 Quarter-finals LIVE Updates | Valencia missed a penalty for Ecuador; ARG 1-0 ECU -


    That is a very very poor penalty taken by the Ecuador captain. He hits the post. He did not even connect the ball properly.

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:54 IST
    60' | Handball by De Paul | Penalty to Ecuador

    Handball by De Paul -

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:45 IST
    55' | Lautaro Martinez misses the target

    His first shot of the day and the top scorer of this edition misses his target. Emi Martinez with the excellent goal kick to find Lautaro on the run before he misfired the ball wide.

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:43 IST
    53' | Cristian Romero is injured

    Cristian Romero is injured and looks in serious pain after a tussle with Caicedo. 

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:35 IST
    46' | The second half starts

    The second half of the match starts!

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:27 IST
    That goal from Martinez

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:21 IST
    Half-time | Argentina 1-0 Ecuador

    First half is done and Argentina leave the field with a 1-0 lead. Lisandro Martinez with his first international goal to give him the lead from a Lionel Messi corner. Ecuador, who had a great start to the game, could not keep up with the speed and quality of the defending champions.

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:19 IST
    45' | Two minutes added

    Two minutes added as injury time in the first half!

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:17 IST
    43' | Foul by Valencia

    Already on a yellow, Valencia is living by the sword here. He elbows De Paul down and the Argentine midfielder is down with the referee having a word with him.

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:09 IST
    36' | Licha scores | ARG 1-0 ECU

    Argentina vs Ecuador Copa America 2024 Quarter-finals LIVE Updates | Lisandro Martinez scores; Argentina lead 1-0 -


    Lisandro Martinez scores for Argentina. Messi with the corner and Mac Allister gets the ball to the far post as Lisandro Martinez heads the ball inside the goal. Dominguez had a touch on the ball, but it was already in. Argentina take the lead.

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:06 IST
    34' | Enzo misses another chances

    Enzo upon receiving the ball from Messi in the middle had a great run before getting the blocked by one of the defenders.

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:02 IST
    29' | Yellow card

    Yellow card for Valencia for a foul on Mac Allister. -


    Yellow card for Valencia for a foul on Mac Allister.

  • Jul 05, 2024 07:00 IST
    27' | Enzo goes off target

    Enzo with Argentina's first big chance as he jumps high to get the header. But his header goes over the the goal. 

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:59 IST
    26' | No impact from Messi yet

    Argentina vs Ecuador Copa America 2024 Quarter-finals LIVE Updates - Lionel Messi -

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:55 IST
    20' | "Si se puede"

    "Si se puede" chants Ecuador fans. It means "it is possible" as Argentina have started the first twenty minutes a bit shaky!

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:49 IST
    15' | Martinez makes an early save

    Great save from the big man! Caicedo with a great run on the left before making a cutback to Sarmiento. However, his first touch was a tad big and Martinez was able to come out and cut the angle down. He sticks his left out and makes a great save.

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:45 IST
    10' | Nothing to note yet

    Both teams have been playing among themselves but no chances for either team. Nothing has happened yet to note.

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:41 IST
    7' | Ecuador looking good

    Not pressing that high, but Ecuador surely looking to press high with Caicedo playing at higher than normal.

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:33 IST

    The quarter-final is underaway

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:28 IST
    Will this happen tonight?

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:22 IST
    Cute moments during the warmups

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:18 IST
    History for Kendry Pรกez

    Kendry Pรกez is now the youngest player in Copa Amรฉrica history to appear in a quarterfinal -


    At 17 years and 61 days old, Kendry Páez is now the youngest player in Copa América history to appear in a quarterfinal. 

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:06 IST
    Messi and family in the house

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:05 IST
    They are here too

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:05 IST
    Checked In

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:03 IST
    They are here

  • Jul 05, 2024 06:03 IST
    He is everywhere

  • Jul 05, 2024 05:51 IST
    Team News: Ecuador Line Up

    Lineup: Dominguez, Hincapie, Pacho, Torres, Preciado, Gruezo, Sarmiento, M. Caicedo, Franco, Paez, Valencia

    Subs: Hurtado, Rodriguez, Mena, Minda, Yeboah, Micolta, Cifuentes, Ortiz, Galindez, Loor, Ramirez, Corozo, Ordonez, J. Caicedo, Porozo

  • Jul 05, 2024 05:50 IST
    Team News: Messi fit to play

    Argentina vs Ecuador Copa America 2024 Quarter-finals LIVE Updates - Lionel Messi in the playing XI for Argentina despite injury concerns -


    Argentina Lineup: E. Martinez, Tagliafico, Li. Martinez, Romero, Molina, Gonzalez, Fernandez, Mac Allister, De Paul, La. Martinez, Messi

    Subs: Montiel, Acuna, Lo Celso, Di Maria, Alvarez, Palacios, Pezzella, Otamendi, Garnacho, Martinez Quarta, Rulli, Carboni, Paredes, Rodriguez, Armani

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