Best Football Managers in Modern Football

Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti and Jurgen Klopp are among the best football managers in modern football.

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There is a lot that must go into success when it comes to the world of football. It is not so simple as trying to score goals and be better than your opponent. Each game is a new task. How do you deal with the threats of the other team? How do you get the most out of your best players? These are the types of questions managers must ask themselves every week. You could have the best squad in the world. However, if you are led by a poor manager, then you will never achieve any greatness. This works the opposite way too. Even if you have a poor team, a good manager can make the team perform well.

It is for these reasons that football fans appreciate the top managers so much. Great managers win trophies and have top performances against the best opposition. Therefore, you need to hope that your club does a great job in the recruiting department for managerial roles. There are a few managers that will stick out when it comes to the modern day, some of which include:

Pep Guardiola

Best football managers in the world | Pep Guardiola | Sportz Point

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When it comes to the best managers of the last decade, you will find that Pep Guardiola is always going to be in that conversation. Everywhere that the Spaniard goes, success seems to follow him. From Barcelona to Bayern Munich, to currently Manchester City, he has led a dominant force every time. There is no doubt that he will go down as one of the best football managers to ever do it. He might even be the one to lead Manchester City to their first-ever Champions League trophy, which Manchester City are currently the bookmakers' favourites. However, if you don't like those odds, roulette online could be a better place for your gambling.

Jurgen Klopp

Best football managers in the world | Jurgen Klopp | Sportz Point

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In the 21st century, Liverpool have had a lot of ups and downs. Of course, they lifted the Champions League in 2005 in incredible fashion. However, after this, there was a very rough couple of years for Liverpool. Low finishes in the league and a lack of silverware caused fans to call for more. This all changed when Jurgen Klopp was appointed manager. He was able to implicate a new style of play to the reds, which saw a lot of success. As well as this, he was able to get the most out of some good players, turning them into world-beaters. This can include the likes of Sadio Mane, Mo Salah, and Virgil Van Dijk.

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Carlo Ancelotti

Best football managers in the world | Carlo Ancelotti | Sportz Point

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Real Madrid are always going to be a team that is aiming for as much success as possible. To attain this, you need a great manager. This is why Carlo Ancelotti and Real Madrid are a such great pairing. Ancelotti is another manager who is one of the greatest of all time and still shows his vast knowledge of the modern game. If you look at the history of football, Ancelotti has been a success for many years.

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