Penalty stats: Ronaldo vs Bruno who is better in success rate?

As there is a dilemma of who should take the penalties for Manchester United, we give you the penalty stats of both Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes
Penalty stats: Ronaldo vs Bruno who is better in success rate?

The penalty has now become one of the toughest to score nowadays. From Lionel Messi missing it in Copa America and Bruno Fernandes now missing it against West Ham in the Premier League. However, when we take penalty stats into consideration, Ronaldo outpowers everyone. After Bruno misses from the spot, the world has asked who is better when it comes to taking the penalty.

Penalty stats – Cristiano Ronaldo

All-time penalty stats – Cristiano Ronaldo

To date, Cristiano Ronaldo has taken 167 penalties in his career. The greatest goal-scorer of the modern era has scored in 139 of them. Thus, the success rate of Cristiano Ronaldo is 83.23%. The stat is accurate as of 27/09/2021.

The famous Cristiano Ronaldo stance before the penalty.

All-time club career penalty stats – Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano has taken 146 penalties to date in his club career. The Portuguese star has netted the ball 125 times among them. Therefore, it takes his success rate to 85.61%.

If we break down his club career he has taken the most penalties in the 2014-15 and 2019-20 seasons. On both occasions, he took 16 penalties. However, it was 2011-12 when scored the most goals from the penalty spot. 14 out of 15 is the exact number. For Manchester United, Ronaldo has taken 20 penalties and scored in 17 off them. So, his success rate for Manchester United is 85%.

All-time international career penalty stats – Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo taking a penalty for Portugal. Image –

The Portuguese captain has a lower success when it comes to taking penalties for his national side. However, the penalty stats and success rate is much higher than many players. Ronaldo has taken 21 penalties for Portugal and has scored 14 times.

Cristiano Ronaldo's big penalty misses

  • 2008 Champions League Semi-final vs Barcelona (won)
  • 2008 Champions League Final vs Chelsea (penalty shootout) (won)
  • 2012 Champions League Semi-final vs Bayern Munich (penalty shootout) (lost)

With all of these taken into consideration, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most successful penalty shooters of all time.

Penalty stats – Bruno Fernandes

All-time penalty stats – Bruno Fernandes

Bruno himself has been an outstanding penalty shooter in his career. In his career, till now he has taken a total of 46 penalties and scored in 42 of them. Therefore, it makes his penalty success rate 91.30%.

Bruno Fernandes taking a penalty for Manchester United. Image – UK footie

All-time club career penalty stats – Bruno Fernandes

The context of this penalty stats comparison is whether Bruno should continue to take penalties for Manchester United or not?

Bruno Fernandes has taken 43 penalties in his club career while playing for Udinese Calcio, Sporting CP and Manchester United. However, all of his misses have come in his club career, which is four. For Manchester United, he has taken 23 penalties and has scored in 21 of them. Thus, the success rate for Manchester is 91.30%. Meanwhile is overall club career success rate is 90.69.

All-time international career penalty stats – Bruno Fernandes

Due to Ronaldo taking the majority of penalties for Portugal, Bruno has not taken that many penalties for the national team. Till now, he has taken only 3 penalties and has been successful in all of them.

Penalty stats: Ronaldo vs Bruno – The conclusion

Bruno vs Ronaldo in penalty stats

Comparing Ronaldo with anyone in football other than Lionel Messi is not justice to his greatness. However, Bruno in his small career has shown how good a shooter he is. That is why one miss should not wipe out the success he had until now. On the other hand, Ronaldo is an Everest of experience. He has seen it, done it and won it. It is up to Ole Gunnar to decide whom to give the responsibilities for Manchester United. Not to forget, Edinson Cavani is also quite good when it comes to shooting from the spot.

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