The Premier League All-Time Points Table

There have been six ever-presents, while some teams have only spent one season in the sun. But who tops the all-time Premier League table?

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There have been six ever-presents (Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham) while some teams have only spent one season in the sun. But who tops the all-time Premier League table?

Despite their relative struggles over recent years, it's no surprise to see United well clear ahead of everybody else – winning 13 league titles will generally set you ahead of your rivals.

Premier League: 2004 | Sportz Point.

Arsenal Wins Premier League in 2004 (Image- Arsenal)

Arsenal were second for many years but have found themselves gradually drawn in by Chelsea over the past two decades. There are just three points between the London rivals.

Manchester City are zooming up the standings too, despite playing in the Football League for five seasons during the late 90s and early 2000s.

The highest team currently not playing in the Premier League are 1995 title winners Blackburn Rovers, who are currently 12th in the all-time standings, above the likes of Leeds United and Leicester City.

Here's the all-time table in full, representing every Premier League match played between August 1992 and May 2022. Those in bold denote a team currently playing in the top flight.

The Premier League All-Time Table:

1. Manchester United – 2366 points

3. Arsenal – 2141 points

2. Chelsea – 2138 points

4. Liverpool – 2109 points

Premier League: Salah : Sportz Point.

Mohamed Salah (image- Getty Images)

5. Tottenham – 1787 points

6. Manchester City – 1629 points

7. Everton – 1574 points

8. Newcastle United – 1410 points

9. Aston Villa – 1358 points

10. West Ham United – 1258 points

11. Southampton – 1063 points

12. Blackburn Rovers – 970 points

13. Leeds United – 789 points

14. Leicester City – 757 points

15. Middlesbrough – 664 points

16. Fulham – 640 points

17. Sunderland – 618 points

18. Bolton Wanderers – 575 points

19. Crystal Palace – 564 points

20. West Brom – 490 points

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