Top 10 players with the most goals in El-Clasico history

Lionel Messi has scored the most goals in El-Clasico history. His 26-goal record in 45 games against Real Madrid is far from getting touched by any current player.

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top 10 players with most goals in El-Clasico history |

El Clasico has seen many great players who have set records and scored goals in this rivalry, so before the game, we look at who ranks where in terms of players with the most goals in El-Clasico history.

This season's first El-Clasico is approaching, and the two biggest teams in Spain are preparing for the high-intensity game that has produced many memorable games over the years.

Let's at who ranks where in terms of players with the most goals in  El-Clasico history:

10. Luis Saurez | 11

Luis Suarez is the 10th highest goal scorer in El-Clasico history |

Suarez demonstrated his value when he joined Barcelona, scoring many decisive goals and a hat-trick in El Clasico, one of the very few players to do so. Suarez may have flown under the radar, but the Uruguayan's goal-scoring prowess and clinical finishing made him a performer in these games.

The former Barcelona player scored 11 goals in El-Clasicos and left the club after earning the respect of fans and becoming one of Barcelona's leading scorers.

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9. Santillana | 12

Santillana, a very experienced forward whom many defenders dreaded, was a lethal striker during his time at the club and defined his authority by becoming one of Real Madrid's top scorers.

He led the team from the front and had excellent positional sense and game understanding. Santillana also scored 12 goals in El-Clasico matches and played a critical role as a forward for Los Blancos.

8. Ferenc Puskas | 14

Top 9 players with the most goals in El-Clasico history: Puskas |

An award named after Ferenc Puskas honours the legendary Real Madrid striker. Puskas was a nightmare for defenders and was involved in almost every goal his team scored. One of the best players to appear in the rivalry, he had a massive impact on El Clasico, scoring 14 goals. He also scored two hat-tricks in El-Clasico matches.

7. Francisco Gento | 14

 Francisco Gento, Top 9 players with the most goals in El-Clasico history |

Gento possessed qualities that no other football player inhabited in the late 1990s: he was a stunning player with a breakneck pace. He could dribble through entire defences and is a prominent player in Real's history, scoring 14 goals in the El-Clasico.

Gento played on the left wing and was a distributor in addition to scoring goals. He spent 18 years at Real Marid before departing and undoubtedly established himself at the Bernabeu.

Gento is a highly respected player in Real Madrid's history. He steered the club during their downfall and made them a proficient team once again. With 14 goals, he is the seventh most productive player in El Clasicos. He was a winger for the club and aided them in winning six European titles.

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6. Cesar Rodriguez | 15

CÉSAR RODRÍGUEZ ÁLVAREZ: Most goals in El-Clasico history | Sportz Point
Image | FC Barcelona

The former Barcelona player and manager played for the Catalonian club from 1939 to 1955 season. Cesar was the top scorer of FC Barcelona club for several years before Lionel Messi broke his record. During his time, Cesar Rodriguez scored 14 goals for Barcelona against Real Madrid and 12 of them came in La Liga. 


5. Raul | 15

Top 10 players with the most goals in El-Clasico history: Raul |

Raul was another legendary player who was frequently on the scoreboard for Real and was integral in Real Madrid's progress. With 15 goals, he is the fourth-highest goalscorer in El-Clasico history. He was a core member of the Bernabeu side that dominated European football in the 1990s and early 2000s, along with other legendary players of the club.

4. Karim Benzema | 16

Karim Benzema: 4th highest goal scorer in El-Clasico history |

Benzema may have come to the fore now, but the player has had his fair share of limelight at Real Madrid. He had a terrific, prolific year last term. The 36-year-old finally found his footing when the expectations were high, and he delivered a stellar performance for Real Madrid. Benzema has been a key player in El-Clasico, scoring 16 goals and remains the only active goalscorer on this list. 

3. Cristiano Ronaldo | 18

Top 10 players with the most goals in El-Clasico history: Cristiano Ronaldo |

The only player who could succeed Alfredo Di Stefano, Cristiano Ronaldo became Real Madrid's one of greatest goal scorers. Ronaldo was a predator for Real Madrid, scoring goals in almost every game. He has outperformed Stefano as the team's top goal scorer and is also the third most prolific goal scorer in El-Clasico with 18 goals.

Ronaldo was at his peak during his time at Real Madrid, orchestrating the club to four Champions League titles and emerging as the club's all-time leading scorer across all competitions.

2. Alfredo Di Stefano | 18

During his playing career, the legendary Di Stefano defied all odds while playing against rivals Barcelona. He was always the star of the show during El Clasico matches and scored countless goals, scoring 18 goals. He led Real Madrid to six European titles.

1. Lionel Messi | 26

players with the most goals in El Clasico: Lionel Messi | Sportz Point

Messi has scored 26 goals against Real Madrid (Courtesy: Barcelona)

He has to be the only player who has scored the most goals in this highly-debated match in Spanish history. Lionel Messi inevitably leads the chart with a record-breaking 26 goals against Real Madrid, 18 of which have come in La Liga, and no player is likely to eclipse the eight-time Ballon d'Or winner's El-Clasico record, who also has the most hat-tricks and is the player with the most goals in El Clasico history.

However, the 36-year-old no longer plays for Barcelona, but he will be the top scorer in this game for decades until some great player supersedes him.

This is our list of the players with the most goals in El-Clasico history.

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