Golf: A Sport for All Types of Stature

In this article we discuss all the basic learning tips of Gold and why Golf is considered to be a sport for all types of stature.

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Golf: A Sport for All Types of Stature  | Sportz Point

There are plenty of good reasons why golf is a great sport for everyone. For one, there are a lot of exotic golf destinations out there, including some courses from Thailand and Vietnam. But more importantly, it's suitable for people of all stature. It doesn't matter what your height is; as long as you have a passion for golf, you're good to go. And as there are golf clubs for tall men, there are also clubs made specifically for shorter players. 

Below are two lists of tips, one for tall golfers and another for short golfers. If you want to perform better on your next golf game, then better buckle up and read on. 

Golfing Tips for Tall Players 

A lot of people believe that being tall is an advantage in golf, and in some cases it's true. With their longer levers, they can produce wider swings with more torque. 

However, that doesn't mean tall golfers don't have any disadvantages. For one thing, longer levers are generally harder to control. And depending on your height, you might need to get customized clubs since the standard ones might not be suitable enough. 

The tips below will help make up for the weaknesses brought about by your height, as well as enable you to go all in on your strengths. 

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Slow Down Your Tempo 

Tempo is not just about how fast your swing is; it's also about timing and synergy. By maintaining a slower tempo, tall players can maximize their relatively faster swing speeds, as well as improve their accuracy and overall performance. 

Maintaining a slower tempo will take time, effort, and patience. So for starters, try practicing with a 7 Iron club, hitting it at just around 75% capacity. If you have one, you can also try swinging your Orange Whip swing trainer. Doing these things shift the more weight into your hands, which you can use to increase the power of your shots. 

Maintain a Narrower Stance 

A lot of tall golfers stand with their feet too far apart. Don't make the same mistake and follow suit. Aside from throwing you off balance, a wide stance will leave you performing inconsistently at the course. 

Instead, you need to narrow your stance and stand with your feet a little closer together. That way, you can maintain your balance and stability while playing. And it will help turn your tallness into an advantage, as a good height and a narrow stance makes a lethal combination in golf. 

Avoid Slouching 

Slouching is yet another problem for tall golfers. Left unremedied, it could lead to poorer performance at the course, as well as bad posture and other skeletal and muscular problems. Plus, it just wastes a tall player's potential as they're given the natural gift of height. 

Slouching is due to several factors, and you need to address it one at a time. For starters, check the clubs you're using. Chances are, you're slouching because it's too short. If that's the case, then get better ones. Additionally, you should stand as close to your ball as possible from now on. That way, you won't have to slouch just to reach for it. 

Golfing Tips for Short Players 

Meanwhile, shorter players always end up with the, well, short end of the stick due to their lack of height. However, being short in golf has several advantages, too! For example, they can focus on balance better due to their center of gravity being lower. 

That's not to say they don't face any downsides, though. One of these is that short players must exert more effort to produce swing power similar to their taller opponents. But with the right equipment, stance, and skill, this can easily be remedied. 

As with the tips for tall players above, the tips below will help short-statured golfers maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. 

Step Back From Your Ball 

As mentioned above, tall players need to stand closer to their ball to avoid slouching. But short players don't need to worry about that! In fact, straying too near the ball feels unnatural and unwieldy to many short golfers. This in turn can upset their alignment and balance. 

So if you're a short-statured golfer, do yourself a favor and take a few steps back from your golf ball while playing. That way, you'll enjoy optimal balance, alignment, and setup while playing. 

Shorten Your Clubs' Shafts 

While there are some standard length clubs that can suit short players, most of the clubs available in stores are just too long for them. If you find none of the former that can meet your needs, then best have the shafts of your current ones shortened. Or you can get clubs with customizable shaft lengths instead. 

Now there's one important thing to remember when having your shafts shortened: the sharter the shaft, the stiffer it will be. This will make it harder for you to hit the ball the same way you did before. So don't resort to DIY shaft shortening. Take your clubs to an expert club maker instead. 

Maintain a Wider Stance 

Tall players need to maintain a narrow stance to maintain their balance, stability, and consistency. In contrast, short golfers need to widen their stance so they can enjoy solid contact with their ball. It also helps them generate more power to increase ball speed and distance. As an added bonus, it even gives short players a sense of confidence. 

If you're a short player and you've always kept your feet shoulder-width apart on every game, then you need to start widening your stance to optimize your performance. Start by adjusting your stance a little and swinging your wedges and short irons. Widen your stance bit by bit until you find the one that feels best. Once you get the hang of it, repeat the process, but with your longer irons, fairway woods, and drivers. 

Golf is a Sport for All Stature 

As you can see, golf is great for short players as much as it is for tall players. Both have their own respective strengths and weaknesses at the course, which can easily be offset by the tips above. So whether you're a tall golfer or a short one, don't let your height prevent you from enjoying golf.