Your ultimate guide to golf best bets: Outright picks for the WM Phoenix Open

Get ready to tee off with our ultimate guide to the WM Phoenix Open, featuring top predictions and outright picks for this fan-favourite event.

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Your ultimate guide to golf best bets: Outright picks for the WM Phoenix Open

Your ultimate guide to golf best bets for the WM Phoenix Open Image | Phoenix Open

Entering into another exciting weekend of PGA Tour action, betting enthusiasts worldwide are scrambling to find ways to capitalize on the upcoming WM Phoenix Open. With a plethora of players and potential outcomes, figuring out the most profitable bets can seem overwhelming. Fret not fellow punters, we have you covered in this article spotlighting some top predictions and outright picks for this fan-favorite event.

A brief overview of the WM Phoenix Open

The WM Phoenix Open started back in 1932 and quickly became a staple of the annual PGA calendar. Known for its raucous atmosphere - thanks to the famous amphitheater-style seating at the par-3 16th hole, making it one of the loudest, most energetic events all year. The tournament takes place at TPC Scottsdale's Stadium Course in Arizona and has been headlined by massive names such as Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Arnold Palmer, and many more throughout its illustrious history. This high-profile event poses a challenging yet enticing opportunity for bettors looking to make a splash in top golf betting sites like

The key factors to consider when betting on the WM Phoenix Open

Before we dive into our suggested outright picks, let's address some critical considerations one should keep in mind while making informed and successful wagers. Golf is a sport heavily impacted by various external elements that add an extra layer of complexity while calculating the possible outcomes of a tournament.

Course familiarity

Each golf course is unique with different challenges, and understanding how well a player adapts or excels on a particular course will give the punter a significant edge. In this case, TPC Scottsdale's Stadium Course is a desert-style course with limited trees, so you should focus on golfers who perform well in these conditions.

Past performance at the event

Looking at past leaderboards may give some insight into the potential frontrunners of the current tournament. Previous winners or consistent top performers usually have an advantage due to their positive experience playing at this particular venue.

Current form and momentum

Though not the only factor, it cannot be denied that an in-form golfer has better chances of success in any tournament than someone struggling with their game. Identifying contenders on hot streaks will definitely bolster your betting choices.

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Outright picks for the WM Phoenix Open

Armed with knowledge about what to consider when making your bets, now it's time to reveal our outright picks based on various golf expert opinions found across sportsbooks and media spearheading the golf betting world. Let us guide you through four of the best bets for the upcoming WM Phoenix Open:

  1. Tier 1: The favorites

    • Player X - Coming off a strong win last week and showing impressive statistics in key areas, Player X is poised to continue his phenomenal form at TPC Scottsdale. A solid iron player with exceptional ball-striking abilities suitable for this particular course.

    • Player Y – As a past champion of the event and consistently placed high in previous editions, Player Y brings both form and familiarity to the table, making them a safe bet for this weekend's action.

  2. Tier 2: Solid value bets

    • Player A - Showcasing significant improvement in recent weeks and displaying solid putting skills, Player A is quickly becoming a top contender in the PGA Tour. Their experience playing in desert courses may give them an edge at TPC Scottsdale.

    • Player B – Though not a headline name, Player B has been racking up respectable finishes lately. Known for their ability to keep big numbers off the scorecard, they provide an excellent value bet option considering their odds.

  3. Tier 3: The dark horses

    • Player C - Possessing immense potential often marred by inconsistency, Player C can surprise everyone on any given day. With flashes of brilliance evident throughout previous outings, an each-way wager on this golfer could prove to be profitable.

    • Player D – Another sleeper pick, Player D has demonstrated steady performances over the past few weeks and exhibits a game style that is well-suited to TPC Scottsdale. They may deliver unexpected returns if conditions favor their gameplay.

By weighing our suggestions against your own research and analysis, you should now be able to construct informed bets and increase your winning chances in the exciting world of golf!

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