Olympics 2020: 12-year old Hend Zaza becomes the youngest Olympian of Tokyo Olympics

Syrian table tennis player, 12-year old kid, Hend Zaza becomes the youngest athlete to participate at the Olympics 2020. Though she lost in the first match against Austria's Liu Jia.
Image Courtesy- Guardian.com
Image Courtesy- Guardian.com

What were you doing when you were a 12-year old kid? Probably preparing for your next school test or maybe playing with your friends at a ground. But this Syrian kid is making her country proud through her game. Olympics 2020 thus become more special with all the odds and controversies. 12-year old Hend Zaza is now the youngest to participate in Olympics 2020 at Tokyo.

Though Hend Zaza could not manage to win any games for her country, she was very proud of her achievement. This young kid from Syria has made her way up winning many odds. She is now the youngest table tennis player in the Olympic history.

Hend Zaza during her first game at Tokyo 2020. Image- The Japan Times

Hend Zaza could participate at such an young age because table tennis does not have any age restrictions. Her story coming from a war-torn Syria to become the flag-barer of her country at the Olympic ceremony makes her super proud. Despite losing the first match at Olympics 2020 against Asutria's Liu Jia in straight sets: 4-11, 9-11, 3-11, 5-11 she said, "Reaching the Tokyo Olympics was already an achievement, I wasn't asked to win, I was asked to play well," she told Olympics.com after. "I think I had a good performance and I learned from the loss."

"It's great for us that we can play, and we are able to overcome those obstacles. We want to show that even though we are in the middle of the war, we must do something."

Hend Zaza, Syrian Table Tennis Player

Everyone at the Olympics 2020 will be proud of Hend Zaza who shown the true spirit of the Olympics and sport. Without a win, she has won many hearts. Zaza who likes Harry Potter, idolizes three-time Olympic champion Ding Nig. Also she hopes that she will win the next Olympics.

However, the youngest recorded athlete at an Olympic Games was 10-year-old Greek gymnast Dimitrios Loundras. She competed at the Modern Olympics' birth in Athens 1896 and won a team bronze medal. Info- Olympics.com

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