Tennis at Paris Olympics 2024: Tennis Olympics Qualification Explained

Tennis megastars such as Novak Djokovic, Iga Swiatek, and Carlos Alcaraz can qualify for the Paris Olympics 2024. But will we see another Olympic effort from legends such as Rafael Nadal?

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Tennis at Paris Olympics 2024: Tennis  Olympics Qualification Explained -

Week’s rankings will determine direct acceptances into the Paris Olympics 2024 Tennis Event. Image- Eurosport

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The next Olympic Games are an important goal for the world’s top tennis players with many ATP stars expressing their desire to play at Paris Olympics 2024, where the competition will take place on the iconic courts of Roland Garros. 

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Megastars such as Novak Djokovic, Iga Swiatek, and Carlos Alcaraz can qualify for the Paris Olympics 2024. But will we see another Olympic effort from legends such as Rafael Nadal? What is certain is that Paris 2024 will be the seventh time that the Olympic tennis tournament has been played on clay, the first since Barcelona 1992. The ranking is essential, so all players urge to shine in the circuit tournaments in the coming weeks.

The Olympic qualification system has been released, without significant modifications from Tokyo 2020. Let's find out how tennis players can secure their spots at the upcoming Olympic Games.

Tennis at Paris Olympics 2024: Qualification Explained

How many tennis players per country can go to the Olympic Games?

According to the rules in this Olympic stratum, countries can have a maximum of 12 tennis players, which will necessarily be six men and six women. It is worth mentioning that there will be five events in action, men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed. In that sense, the condition is that in singles there can only be a limit of four representatives, the best positioned in ATP, for each nation.

What is the qualification system for Paris Olympics 2024?

The men's and women's tennis categories will have the performance of 64 people, who will qualify in different ways. The main path is the world ranking, which provides 56 places, although those located in that top will not necessarily travel to the event in France: declines, injuries, and the overall number of six ATP and WTA athletes per homeland are considered. The cut-off date for this segmentation will be June 10, when the Roland Garros edition ends, the second Grand Slam of the season.

Likewise, another four places will be awarded through the ITF process, which takes into account the champions or finalists of the events held in America, Asia and Africa, they require being within the Top 400 and their nation must not exceed the limit. The Argentine Facundo Diaz Acosta, the Chilean Marcelo Tomas Barrios Vera (1st and 2nd in the Pan American Games) and the Chinese Zhang Zhizhen(1st in the Asian Games) are permanent. During this month of March, in Ghana, the African Games will start and a new competitor will be declared.

Finally, the two missing quotas will be distributed among those who have won Olympic gold or a major trophy. Under this scenario, Rafael Nadal would aim to receive an invitation to fight to ascend the throne. The estimated date for full registration is June 8, while reassignment due to withdrawals will take place days later.

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How to qualify in doubles and mixed doubles?

The doubles competition will have 32 teams and each confederation will have a maximum of two sides. Players in the Top 10 in doubles will reach a direct quota if they have a compatriot in the top 300 (whether in singles or pairs). Obviously, the figure of 12 athletes per country cannot be exceeded. Then, the overall rank of the couples will be examined and, ultimately, the players already confirmed in the singles competition will be considered.

On the other hand, in the mixed doubles, 16 squads will be formed and there will only be one representation per nation. Duos will be formed between the tennis players previously classified in the remaining categories. Precisely, the combined ranking will be the restriction mode for the tournament.

What game system is there in tennis at the Olympic Games?

Tennis at Paris Olympics 2024 will take place in three sets, so the first to win two sets will advance to the round. The organization determined that the center court of the Philippe-Chatrier (Roland Garros) will host the duels, brick dust returns after 32 years (last time in Barcelona 1992). It is worth remembering that the general opening in search of the gold medal will be on July 27 and will last until August 4.

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