Why betting on the NFL is big business

With the NFL being one of the biggest sports leagues in America, we discuss why betting on the NFL is big business. %%sep%% %%sitename%%

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With the NFL one of the biggest sports leagues in America, it was never going to be a surprise to learn that the league was going to be a huge business for NFL betting sites like these sites in the online gambling industry and one that would be able to benefit in immense proportions. Even more, populated countries like India are looking forward to that which will make online betting in India bigger as well.

Although some may dispute whether it is the nation’s favourite game, NFL TV viewership has always been in the tens of millions of people within the country and the 2021 season has already experienced a boom in regard to those numbers, with more and more people tuning in to watch the sport. Of course, to many, those figures are hardly a surprise given that the Super Bowl will typically attract some of the biggest viewing numbers around the world for a sporting event.

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Naturally, there will be many that will continue to tune in each and every week and watch their favourite team compete on the gridiron as they look to try and make an effort to be the team in the grand finale at the end of the season, however, there is another reason why so many have decided to tune in now.

NFL has finally decided to embrace sports betting

The NFL has recently decided to embrace the change in regulations to sports wagering within the country following the New Jersey case in 2018 that challenged it in front of the Supreme Court and won. As a result, sports betting has managed to grow significantly across the United States of America, with a number of different states allowing for legal sports wagers, with many able to use their iPhones to place bets.

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Following the ruling, a total of 26 different states (as well as Washington, D.C.) allows for bets to be made, which is eight more than what was available last season, whilst several states including Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, and New York have each approved legislation to allow gambling to take place.

The move is one that many may not have initially expected the NFL to make given its history in regard to being against it, however, it perhaps just goes to further highlight how it has become a big business. As recently as 2012, they joined other U.S. sports leagues in suing New Jersey to stop legalisation attempts, but that appears to be a distant memory now.

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NFL can benefit from a new valuable revenue stream

Recent figures have shown that the league has fully embraced it and will benefit from large sums of revenue that it can achieve via the use of sponsorships, partnerships, and other commercial activities. They currently have seven different partnerships: Caesars Entertainment, DraftKings, FanDuel, Fox Bet, MGM, PointsBet and WynnBet. Those partnerships allow those operators to purchase NFL advertising and media inventory, as well as use NFL logos for retail and online sports betting.

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According to figures, a huge financial boom has been experienced in the league as a result. The league expects to be able to generate around $270 million in revenue from deals from sports betting operators, whilst expecting it to be worth around $1 billion within the next ten years. Furthermore, teams are also benefitting from gambling operators being involved within the NFL, with teams such as the New Orleans Saints have signed a 20-year, $138 million naming rights deal to rename the Superdome with Caesars. Other teams have signed exclusive deals for gaming lounges to be located at their stadiums.

More and more Americans are expected to wager on NFL this season

It is estimated that around 45.2 million Americans are now expected to place a bet on the NFL this season at any point throughout the 2021 campaign; a figure that is up 36% from last year’s total according to the research conducted by the American Gaming Association. In terms of monetary values, it is thought at least $12 billion will be wagered.

Naturally, the increased opportunity and accessibility to gambling activity will have only helped to further drive demand to the industry, although there are several changes that will have appealed to many.

For instance, the way a bet is placed can be something that many will love, with the ability to place wagers on parlays or smaller markets being extremely appealing. These markets can include the first touchdown scorer or the total number of rushing yards achieved by a running back. Each of these markets helps to create further engagement and keep fans interested for longer periods of time.

As a result, betting with an online sportsbook is expected to see around 20 million punters place a wager, which is up an incredible 73% year over year!

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