The Best NFL Parlay Picks

As the NFL season is well and truly underway, we give you the best NFL Parlay picks to have your odds high of winning.

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The Best NFL Parlay Picks | Sportz Point

With NFL season well and truly underway, there have been some crazy matches taking place that have shocked and astounded fans. Across the US, fans are placing their bets on their favourite teams and players, hoping to win big this year. However, it can be tough if you don't know all of the latest in-depth information on the games. There are lots of different types of bets too, with some of the most common being parlay bets. This is where you place multiple bets that culminate into one wager. But you have to win every single bet you make in order to receive the final payout. Lose one bet, and you lose it all! As it stands, parlays were up +6.54 units, showing that this season is doing great so far. So, if you're interested in placing some parlay bets, keep reading and find out which NFL parlay picks are best!

Raiders VS Broncos

It's been a fair few weeks since the Denver Broncos faced off against a Las Vegas team like the Raiders, so this game should be extremely interesting to watch. However, the Raiders are currently coming off a winning streak and are able to show off a 7-2 lead in their previous 9 games. With the Raiders doing so well as of late, it might be best to place one of your parlay bets on this team, as the odds are currently at +130. So, with a sure win in the bag, you could really set yourself up for a great parlay pick.

Rams VS Saints

Reigning champions the Los Angeles Rams are due to face off against the New Orleans Saints soon. However, they've currently only won around a third of their played games, which isn't something that's would have been predicted when they won the Superbowl last year. But this doesn't mean that the Saints are going to be able to push back enough to win the match. With the odds are +105 for the Rams, betting for this super team could be a great way to go for your parlay bets. So, why not make a safe bet for one leg of your parlay and choose the Rams?

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49ers VS Cardinals

The San Francisco 49ers are due to go head-to-head with the Arizona Cardinals in Mexico City in the next few days. The 49ers are said to be the favourites to win this match, with the odds definitely stacked in their favour. The 49ers have a fair few wins under their belt, but the Cardinals aren't all that far behind. However, the San Francisco team are predicted to wipe the floor with Arizona's finest and really show them who's boss. So, a great leg to add to your parlay pick could be this match, as it's pretty much certain that the 49ers will once again reign supreme.

Eagles VS Colts

This match could be a very close one, but the Eagles seem to have the odds tipped just slightly in their favour. While the books may be split, placing a parlay bet on the Eagles does seem to be the smart move here as they've had a bit of a winning streak throughout this season. However, the Colts could surprise us all and overtake the Eagles in this game. So, with this bet, it might be best to go with the favourite, but make sure you keep a close eye on the teams before placing your bet. The Colts may just pull it back in their favour.

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Bengals VS Steelers

The Cincinnati Bengals are now the favourite to win against the beloved Steelers as they managed to beat the Saints and other high-profile teams this season. The Steelers did manage to beat the Bengals at the beginning of the season during their home game, but it wasn't without controversy. Bengal player Clark Harris was hit with a season-ending injury that put him out of action completely. However, the Bengals are now fighting fit and determined to take on the Steelers and show them that even without Harris, they can take them on and win. So, be sure to add the Bengals to your parlay bets this season and you should see a great return. Placing your parlay bets can always be risky, but when you know the odds of the game, it suddenly becomes a lot less nerve-wracking. These bets show you just how easy it can be to play a great parlay bet, so be sure to take these tips on board. You never know just how much you could win when utilising parlay bets!