Alexander Zverev receives an eight-week suspension and fine

ATP has handed Alexander Zverev a suspended eight-week ban for smashing his racquet against the umpire's chair at ATP 500 event in Acapulco.

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Alexander Zverev receives Eight-Week Suspension |

ATP has imposed Alexander Zverev an eight-week suspension after his omission from last month's ATP 500 event in Acapulco after slamming his racquet on the umpire's chair. He already received the fine at the Mexican Open in Acapulco for his behaviour. He received $40,000 for verbal abuse and unsportsmanlike conduct. Zverev also gave up the entire $31,570 prize pool as well as all ATP Rankings points from the tournament.

Alexander Zverev receives Eight-Week Suspension |

Source: CBC

An ATP statement on Tuesday unveiled:

"The review determined that Zverev committed Aggravated Behaviour under the Player Major Offense section of ATP Rules. As a result, Zverev has been issued an additional fine of 25,000 US dollars. And a suspension for a period of eight weeks from any ATP-sanctioned event."

"However, the fine and suspension are withheld on the condition that, over a probation period ending 22 February 2023 the player does not incur a further Code Violation."

It means Zverev will walk a tightrope with a new code violation for unsportsmanlike conduct or verbal or physical abuse towards "an official, opponent, spectator, or any other person" on-court. Which will result in an eight-week penalty, subject to any appeals.

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So, What Exactly Did Alexander Zverev do in Acapulco?

Alexander Zverev receives Eight-Week Suspension |

Source: The Japan Times

After losing a doubles match, the 24-year-old German misbehaved. He slammed the umpire's chair numerous times with his racket after the last run. He was also furiously criticising the officials. However, Zverev expressed contrition after the event, but he was unable to avoid the harsh penalties.

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He has a twelve-month probationary period before receiving the suspension. However, the eight-week suspension will begin if the Olympic champion misbehaves again in the next year.

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