How Bharat Arun Helped Mohammed Siraj Become a World-Class Bowler!

The seeds of the guile that Mohammed Siraj Showes at Lord's sown in Hyderabad city but he needs someone to nurture & he ot Bharat Arun.

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There is something about Mohammed Siraj that makes you forget about everything and concentrate on that 5'10'' frame of his. He doesn't even need a ball in his hand or dare we say, a bat to keep everyone hooked. Hours can be spent surveying his expressions while he tries to convince captain Virat Kohli to go for a review.

The ball is never going down the leg side, it's not allowed to go over the stumps. There must have been an edge. There is a wicket every time, all the time. Excitement is his bosom friend, energy the most trusted ally. He runs in, bowls his heart out ball after ball, over after over, spell after spell. When he doesn't, his adrenaline makes up for it. For he has that ability to transfer it deep within everyone watching things unfold. Siraj is box office.

Bharat Arun |

Indian Cricket Team's Bowling Coach Bharat Arun Image :

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Mohammed Siraj in Bharat Arun's eye :

Mohammed Siraj was always like this. Even before he made the red Kookaburra in Australia or the cherry Dukes in England dance to his tunes. His battery like energy and heart as big as the ocean has makes him one of the most lovable cricketers in the Old Hyderabad city. Although that was long before he was selected for first-class cricket. Siraj aced tennis ball tournaments. Spent the days in one ground and the evening in another, won matches, picked wickets. Jerseys changed, so did his team, more often the grounds too but what didn't was his desire to give it all on the cricket field.

The seeds of the guile that Siraj showes at Lord's a few days ago were sown in the Old Hyderabad city but he needs someone to nurture. He got that in Bharat Arun.The raw Siraj was handed over to Arun, then the Hyderabad coach in 2016-17, by former cricketer P Jyothi Prasad.

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Siraj got the wickets of Moeen Ali and Sam Curran off back-to-back deliveries in the second innings. the scrambled seam and allowing the slope to take the ball further away with the angle.Lord's was just one example. In Melbourne, in Brisbane, in Sydney and even in Nottingham. Bharat Arun was Siraj's biggest supporter, philosopher, guide and above all, a sure shot recipe to success.

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