The Cricket Story: BCCI and Differently-abled Cricket Council Of India

The BBCI invited members of Differently-abled cricket council of India at the IPL ceremony. Read the cricket story of BCCI and DCCI in detail

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The IPL2021 auction was a bit different this year. The representatives from the differently-able cricket council were present at the opening ceremony. This was the first time that BCCI invited them to the biggest league in the world. But, the main story is how the cricket story between both the governing body got written. Let's dive into the cricket story in detail.

BCCI and Differently-abled Cricket Council Of India- SportzPoint

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The Cricket Story: BCCI and Differently-abled Cricket Council Of India

The Board is registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act. Differently-able cricketers are yet to play with the BCCI logo.

"We are very thankful to Jay Shah for inviting us to attend the opening ceremony of the biggest T20 tournament in the world. From the very beginning, he has been very encouraging and has been promoting differently-abled cricket in the country."

DCCI president Mahantesh GK

BCCI had to set all this up because of the quotation from Lodha Committee. The committee informed BCCI to make some efforts to form a governing body. The Supreme Court made Lodha Committee wants the game to run at different stages in India. DCCI will select players across all age groups for representation in Tests, One Day, T20 or any other format.

Differently-abled Cricket Council Of India

The differently-abled cricket council of India or DCCI has members from the Physically Challenged Cricket Association of India, Wheelchair Cricket India Association, Indian Deaf Cricket Association.

People, players playing and working at the ground level to ensure there is enough talent coming up the ranks, feel happy now. With the initiative taken by Jay Shah, the secretary of BCCI they now can dream of playing for India under the badge of BCCI.

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The plight of the players who represent the country

Post pandemic the players of the Physically Challenged Cricket Association Of India asked for financial help from the BCCI. Dinesh Jain, former captain of Physically Handicapped Team India started doing odd jobs to fulfil daily needs.

Players lack financial support and recognition from the board which makes them even tougher for them to play. Avijit Biswas, a former physically challenged cricketer has told in an interview to SportzPoint that, "There are lots of state associations, but they are not active. Also, there is a lack of facilities in the ground level for the players to practice."

However, Avijit is trying to improve the facilities at the ground level. He is the founder of "Fulia Divyang Warriors Cricket Association". His association helps and encourages physically challenged cricketers to take the game up.

Suvrojyoti Sur, who plays for the Indian Deaf Cricket Association expressed the same feelings. There was sorrow in Sur's voice as we asked him about the current situation of the players like him. "There is a lack of financial support. No broadcasting of any match as well. There is no job. There are lots of problems when it comes to differently-abled cricket."

The Cricket Story: BCCI and Differently-abled Cricket Council Of India- SportzPoint

Suvrojyoti on the problems the differently-abled cricketers face

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How the recognition from the BCCI can help the cricketers: The Cricket Story

DCCI secretary Ravi Chauhan thinks the recognition from the BCCI will make every cricketer proud. Moreover, it will also appreciate the efforts of all the players who kept on fighting for their respect.

According to Suvrojyoti Sur, this can make a huge difference for the upcoming generation. Moreover, as he talks about his retirement from the game, there is a sense of pride in his words.

"I am thankful to Jay Shah for the approach. Let's see how everything goes from here now. We are hopeful that something great will happen."

Meanwhile, Avijit thinks recognition from the BCCI might help players to get jobs. Furthermore, it will also form a systematic chain to find new talents as well.

"Everything will follow a proper system if this happens. Players will be eligible to get jobs and get their life secured. Most importantly the players will get respect, which we deserve."

The Cricket Story: BCCI and Differently-abled Cricket Council Of India- SportzPoint

Avijit on what will happen if BCCI recognizes Differently-abled Cricketers

Countries like England, South Africa and even Pakistan have has a disability wing. Therefore its high time that BCCI recognises the efforts of all of those special players representing India.

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