Kylian wants to leave, it seems clear to me: PSG Director Leonardo on Mbappe transfer

Paris Saint-German director Leonardo opened his mouth on Mbappe transfer.
Kylian wants to leave, it seems clear to me: PSG Director Leonardo on Mbappe transfer
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The news of Mbappe transfer is absolutely true. Paris Saint-German director Leonardo spoke on Mbappe transfer.

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Leonardo admitted that Mbappe is willing to leave the club. This is the last year of his contract with PSG and the French star is interested in joining dream club Real Madrid. On Monday, Real Madrid made him an offer of about 160 million euros. The footballer revealed that PSG rejected the offer on Tuesday night.

Leonardo revealed while speaking to RMC sport, "Mbappe would like to leave, this seems clear to me. If Real Madrid makes an offer, this seems clear to me. Me, I give a position, which I think is clear for everyone. We cannot change our plans in the final week of the window. If he is set on leaving, we will not hold him back, but it will be our terms."

He further stated. "I can't confirm the figures but it's around that. It's less than we paid. But it's especially the way Madrid have done it that displeases us. Real have behaved like this for two years. It is wrong, illegal even as they have contacted the player. It is unacceptable for us, because it is not right."

Also, he added, "We speak lots. He has always said the same things. Kylian has always promised he would not leave the club for free. It's what he has always said. We don't foresee speaking again with Real. This is the market and for us, we are clear: we want to keep him and extend his deal. But we aren't going to let him leave for a few smaller than what we paid given we still owe a sum of money to Monaco."

The contract of the 22-year-old footballer with PSG ends the next summer. He joined the club at the age of 18 in August 2017. Later in 2018, he signed a permanent four-year deal with the club.

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