Messi vs Ronaldo: The hat-trick battle

As Cristiano Ronaldo scores his 62nd career hat-trick against Damak, we take look into the hat-trick battle of Messi vs Ronaldo.
Ronaldo after scoring his 62nd career hat-trick against Damak in Saudi Pro league | Image: GTV Sports+
Ronaldo after scoring his 62nd career hat-trick against Damak in Saudi Pro league | Image: GTV Sports+

The football world divides into two worlds when there is a debate regarding Messi vs Ronaldo. However, this debate has no clear-cut outcome or answer. If Messi dominates a chart, Ronaldo hits back with another. Moreover, it is for sure that these two push each other to their limits and this is what makes them different from others. In this article, we compare and analyse Messi and Ronaldo's hat tricks in the game.

The lives of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi have been full of goals. Many times they have scored more than two in one game. This is what this section is about. Currently, Leo Messi has achieved 56 hat-tricks and Cristiano Ronaldo has 62 hat-tricks. The distance between them is minimal, despite the fact that Ronaldo has played 2 seasons more. However, Ronaldo and Messi have scored 118 hat-tricks, a combined record that defies description.

Messi vs Ronaldo: The hat-trick battle

Cristiano Ronaldo | 62 hat-tricks

Even at 38, Cristiano Ronaldo has been going strong. The current Al Nassr striker and Portuguese legend scored his second hat trick for the Saudi team. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 62 hattricks in his career till now. His games per hat-trick rate is 18.8. However, 29 of his 62 career hat tricks include penalties which means 46.77% of his hat-tricks have included a penalty goal. Cristiano Ronaldo has the unique feat of scoring 30 hat-tricks before turning 30 and 30 after turning 30.

Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring a hat-trick for Al Nassar club in Saudi Pro League

Cristiano Ronaldo's hat-tricks in detail-

25/02/2023AAl-NassrDamak3-0Saudi Pro League31
09/02/2023AAl-NassrAl-Wehda4-0Saudi Pro League41
16/04/2022HManchester UnitedNorwich City3-2Premier League30
12/03/2022HManchester UnitedTottenham Hotspur3-2Premier League30
12/10/2021HPortugalLuxembourg5-0World Cup Qualifier32
14/03/2021AJuventusCagliari3-1Serie A31
06/01/2020HJuventusCagliari4-0Serie A31
14/11/2019HPortugalLithuania6-0Euros Qualifier31
10/09/2019APortugalLithuania5-1Euros Qualifier41
05/06/2019HPortugalSwitzerland3-1UEFA Nationa League30
12/03/2019HJuventusAtletico Madrid3-0Champions League31
15/06/2018NPortugalSpain3-3World Cup31
18/03/2018HReal MadridGirona6-3La Liga40
10/02/2018HReal MadridReal Sociedad5-2La Liga30
31/08/2017HPortugalFaroe Islands5-1World Cup Qualifier31
02/05/2017HReal MadridAtletico Madrid3-0Champions League30
18/04/2017HReal MadridBayern Munich4-2Champions League30
18/12/2016HReal MadridKashima Antlers4-2Club World Cup31
19/11/2016AReal MadridAtletico Madrid3-0La Liga31
29/10/2016AReal MadridAlaves4-1La Liga31
07/10/2016HPortugalAndorra6-0World Cup Qualifier40
12/04/2016HReal MadridWolfsburg3-0Champions League30
05/03/2016HReal MadridCelta Vigo7-1La Liga40
31/01/2016HReal MadridEspanyol6-0La Liga31
08/12/2015HReal MadridMalmo8-0Champions League40
15/09/2015HReal MadridShakhtar Donetsk4-0Champions League32
12/09/2015AReal MadridEspanyol6-0La Liga51
13/06/2015APortugalArmenia3-2Euros Qualifier31
23/05/2015HReal MadridGetafe7-3La Liga31
17/05/2015AReal MadridEspanyol4-1La Liga30
02/05/2015AReal MadridSevilla3-2La Liga30
5/5/2015HReal MadridGranada9-1La Liga50
06/12/2014HReal MadridCelta Vigo3-0La Liga31
05/10/2014HReal MadridAthletic Bilbao5-0La Liga30
23/09/2014HReal MadridElche5-1La Liga42
20/09/2014AReal MadridDeportivo La Coruna8-2La Liga30
19/11/2013APortugalSweden3-2World Cup Qualifier30
09/11/2013HReal MadridReal Sociedad5-1La Liga31
30/10/2013HReal MadridSevilla7-3La Liga31
17/09/2013AReal MadridGalatasaray6-1Champions League30
06/09/2013APortugalNorthern Ireland4-2World Cup Qualifier30
09/02/2013HReal MadridSevilla4-1La Liga30
27/01/2013HReal MadridGetafe4-0La Liga31
09/01/2013HReal MadridCelta Vigo4-0Copa del Rey30
03/10/2012AReal MadridAjax4-1Champions League30
30/09/2012HReal MadridDeportivo La Coruna5-1La Liga32
11/04/2012AReal MadridAtletico Madrid4-1La Liga31
12/02/2012HReal MadridLevante4-2La Liga31
17/12/2011AReal MadridSevilla6-2La Liga31
06/11/2011HReal MadridOsasuna7-1La Liga31
22/10/2011AReal MadridMalaga4-0La Liga30
24/09/2011HReal MadridRayo Vallecano6-2La Liga32
28/08/2011AReal MadridReal Zaragoza6-0La Liga30
10/05/2011HReal MadridGetafe4-0La Liga31
07/05/2011AReal MadridSevilla6-2La Liga40
03/03/2011HReal MadridMalaga7-0La Liga31
09/01/2011HReal MadridVillarreal4-2La Liga30
22/12/2010HReal MadridLevante8-0Copa del Rey30
20/11/2010HReal MadridAthletic Bilbao5-1La Liga31
23/10/2010HReal MadridRacing Santander6-1La Liga41
05/05/2010AReal MadridMallorca4-1La Liga30
12/01/2008HManchester UnitedNewcastle United6-0Premier League30
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Lionel Messi | 56 hat-tricks

Lionel Messi after scoring his 55th career hat-trick against Bolivia

The name needs no further introduction in today's world whether you are a football fan or not. The boy from Rosario, Argentina has become a household name because of his skills with the ball and unparalleled goal-scoring abilities. The Argentine striker till now has scored 56 hat-tricks in his career.

None has scored more hat-tricks than Lionel Messi in La Liga. His 36 hat-tricks in the league is a humongous record. Messi is also tied with the most Champions League hat-tricks with Ronaldo at 8 hat-tricks each. This makes the Messi vs Ronaldo competition more exciting. However, only 12 out of 56 hat-tricks of Messi include a penalty goal. Therefore, the percentage is only 21.4% which is nearly half of Ronaldo's 46.77% penalty stats. Lionel Messi also betters Ronaldo in games per hat-trick rate as well. Messi scores a hat-trick in every 17.6 games on average whereas Ronaldo takes 18.6 games on average to score a hat-trick.

Lionel Messi's hat-tricks in detail

10/09/2021HArgentinaBolivia3-0World Cup Qualifier30
22/02/2020HBarcelonaEibar5-0La Liga40
07/12/2019HBarcelonaMallorca5-2La Liga30
9/11/2019HBarcelonaCelta Vigo4-1La Liga31
17/03/2019ABarcelonaReal Betis4-1La Liga30
23/02/2019ABarcelonaSevilla4-2La Liga30
16/12/2018ABarcelonaLevante5-0La Liga30
18/09/2018HBarcelonaPSV4-0Champions League30
29/04/2018ABarcelonaDeportivo La Coruna4-2La Liga30
07/04/2018HBarcelonaLeganes3-1La Liga30
11/10/2017AArgentinaEcuador3-1World Cup Qualifier30
19/09/2017HBarcelonaEibar6-1La Liga41
09/09/2017HBarcelonaEspanyol5-0La Liga30
19/10/2016HBarcelonaManchester City4-0Champions League30
13/09/2016HBarcelonaCeltic7-0Champions League30
11/06/2016NArgentinaPanama5-0Copa America30
03/03/2016ABarcelonaRayo Vallecano5-1La Liga30
03/02/2016HBarcelonaValencia7-0Copa del Rey30
09/01/2016HBarcelonaGranada4-0La Liga30
08/03/2015HBarcelonaRayo Vallecano6-1La Liga31
15/02/2015HBarcelonaLevante5-0La Liga31
18/01/2015ABarcelonaDeportivo La Coruna4-0La Liga30
07/12/2014HBarcelonaEspanyol5-1La Liga30
25/11/2014ABarcelonaAPOEL4-0Champions League30
22/11/2014HBarcelonaSevilla5-1La Liga30
23/03/2014ABarcelonaReal Madrid4-3La Liga32
16/03/2014HBarcelonaOsasuna7-0La Liga30
18/09/2013HBarcelonaAjax4-0Champions League30
01/09/2013ABarcelonaValencia3-2La Liga30
27/01/2013HBarcelonaOsasuna5-1La Liga41
20/10/2012ABarcelonaDeportivo La Coruna5-4La Liga30
05/05/2012HBarcelonaEspanyol4-0La Liga42
02/05/2012HBarcelonaMalaga4-1La Liga32
20/03/2012HBarcelonaGranada5-3La Liga30
07/03/2012HBarcelonaBayer Leverkusen7-1Champions League50
19/02/2012HBarcelonaValencia5-1La Liga40
22/01/2012ABarcelonaMalaga4-1La Liga30
01/11/2011ABarcelonaViktoria Plzen4-0Champions League31
29/10/2011HBarcelonaMallorca5-0La Liga31
24/09/2011HBarcelonaAtletico Madrid5-0La Liga30
17/09/2011HBarcelonaOsasuna8-0La Liga30
05/02/2011HBarcelonaAtletico Madrid3-0La Liga30
12/01/2011HBarcelonaReal Betis5-0Copa del Rey30
20/11/2010ABarcelonaAlmeria8-0La Liga30
21/08/2010HBarcelonaSevilla4-0Supercopa de Espana30
06/04/2010HBarcelonaArsenal4-1Champions League40
21/03/2010ABarcelonaReal Zaragoza4-2La Liga30
14/03/2010HBarcelonaValencia3-0La Liga30
10/01/2010ABarcelonaTenerife5-0La Liga30
06/01/2009ABarcelonaAtletico Madrid3-1Copa del Rey31
10/03/2007HBarcelonaReal Madrid3-3La Liga30

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