Most FIFA World Cup goals among active players

The Main Legends of the tournament are already a part of Most FIFA World Cup goals among active players till date.

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The mystique of the FIFA World Cup has been built on the great feats achieved by the players who participated in it and became legends of the tournament are already a part of Most FIFA World Cup goals among active players. The Qatar 2022 edition will be no exception, as it will be played by aces who are really close to entering the list of the top scorers.

From the great Guillermo Stábile, the top scorer of the FIFA World Cup Uruguay 1930, Brazilian Ademir and Hungarian Sandor Kocsis, to the mighty German Gerd Müller, the great Diego Maradona, and the majestic Ronaldo Nazario, only true legends are members of the top scorers of this tournament. 

Then, Qatar 2022 will open the window for 12 players to increase their scoring amount so that they can be fully included in the list of top scorers at the FIFA World Cup. An honor that just a few players have achieved so far in 21 editions played of this tournament. 

The following list includes active players whose national teams have already qualified for Qatar 2022 

Let us now check out the Most FIFA World Cup goals among active players:

5. Neymar - Brazil - 8 goals

Most FIFA World Cup goals among active players: Neymar | Sportz Point

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The Paris Saint-Germain star has it clear: Qatar 2022 could be his last chance to be at his physical peak at a World Cup. A stellar performance by Neymar Jr. could easily put him at least as the third-best Brazilian scorer in World Cups, behind Pelé and Ronaldo Nazario. Ney has participated in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal - 8 goals 

Most FIFA World Cup goals among active players | SPortz Point

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The Portuguese star got the opportunity to play in his fifth World Cup and at least try to tie Eusebio as his country's top scorer in World Cups. If he equals his best goal-scoring participation in World Cups (Russia 2018), he only scored a penalty in the disappointing tournament with Portugal out in the quarter-finals.

3. Kylian Mbappé - France - 9 goals 

He will play in Qatar 2022 at 24 years of age, 4 goals scored and one World Cup won. If injuries respect him, it is practically a fact that either in this or future editions he can enter the list of top scorers. Regardless, the upcoming FIFA World Cup could be the one to watch him get dangerously close to the top spots, thanks to his great goal-scoring ability. As promised Mbappe delivered with class performances as France has reached semi-finals as Morocco awaits.

2. Thomas Muller - Germany - 10 goals 

The story of Müller and the World Cup could well be told as a love story. With Hans Dieter Flick as Mannschaft's coach, he has regained the prominence he lost during Joachim Low's last spell in charge and has a good chance of being among the top five scorers at the FIFA World Cup when he arrives at Qatar 2022.

1. Lionel Messi - Argentina - 11 goals 

Messi has Maradona and Stábile in his sights: a couple more goals in World Cup matches and he would catch up with them in the list of scorers of this tournament. Lionel goes out on one of his best days in Qatar 2022, his limit is unsuspected, he has already scored 5 goals in the tournament being the main man for Argentina. Reaching the Finals with one match to go from the ultimate glory.

This completes our list of the Most FIFA World Cup goals among active players. Follow Sportz Point.

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