Premier League 2022-23 Stats: Top 5 Goal Scorers

Premier League 2022-23 Golden Boot Award is already settled? Erling Haaland is running away with the boot as he is not stopping right now.

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When we hear the football word, the first thing that comes to our mind is ''Goal''. The word Goal is attached with another word Striker. A Striker's first priority is scoring goals. In the modern era of football, we have witnessed some exceptional strikers throughout the world. Premier League is considered the best football league in the world. If a striker needs to prove his goal-scoring ability, there is hardly any other stage to prove it. Premier League 2022-23 season is witnessing the performances of some Phenomenal strikers.

From the start, the Premier League was the place to see goalscorers. The way the league has evolved over time has brought a huge variety in the styles of strikers. Premier League had some strikers who made their goal-scoring ability a piece of art. The English league has witnessed the Greatness of "Alan Shearer", "Thierry Henry", "Wayne Rooney", "Dennis Bergkamp", "Andrew Cole", "Didier Drogba", "Eric Cantona" & many more Legends of Football. In recent times, Premier League is observing even more who are going to share the place with the legends in the upcoming years. Let's go through the 2022-23 top 5 goal scorers list of the Premier League.

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Premier League 2022-23 Stats: Top Goal Scorers

1. Erling Haaland | Manchester City | 25 Goals

premier league 2022-23 stats: Erling Haaland | Sportz Point

Erling Haaland

Image - Premier League

Erling Braut Haaland is a sensation. He joined Manchester City from Borussia Dortmund in the last summer window for a record fee. Haaland was scoring goals in the Bundesliga for fun. The football pundits commented about his injuries and the value of the Bundesliga League. They didn't consider the german league as a top-tier league because of the dominance of only a single club. Premier League is a place where one can prove himself right because of the attraction it has gained over the last time period.

Erling Haaland started his journey with a storm like a man on a mission. He scored his first three hattricks in just eight pl matches & the 4th while playing the 19th match. Haaland also became the first player to score 20 goals in just 14 matches. The season is on its halfway to be over and he is in touching distance to winning Golden Boot. Alan Shearer scored 34 goals in the 94-95 season, which is still the highest goal tally by an individual. He is only 9 goals behind & City has to play 18 more pl game weeks.

2. Harry Kane | Tottenham Hotspur | 15 Goals

Harry Kane | Sportz Point

Harry Kane
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Harry Kane is a Monster of a Striker. The English national team captain joined the spurs in 2009 when he was just 16 years old. He is competing in the Premier League for so long that some say that he is the best striker in the pl in recent times. Harry Kane is a complete striker any team would ask for.

Kane can drop in the midfield for balls, & then dribbles past the defenders like a knife in the butter and score goals. He can also go wide for stretching the midfield and the backline of the opposition to help his wingers to go forward. He gives assists, and scores goals, he can also drop in the backline to increase the numerical superiority when the team needs it. Harry Kane is the complete package a manager would wish for. He has won 3 pl Golden Boots already in the past. Kane has scored 15 goals this season so far. he has led by an example for his team, but there are still the rest 19 games to play & Kane is not stopping for now.

3. Ivan Toney | Brentford | 13 Goals

Premier League 2022-23 Stats : Ivan Toney | Sportz Point

Ivan Toney
Image - Premier League

Ivan Toney is a definition of a ruthless striker. Another exceptional English talent who can be the next big thing for his country. Many teams want him in the Winter Transfer Market for his ability of scoring. Brentford is not in a good position in the pl table but still, Ivan Toney has impressed every football fan this season. He was even nominated for the Championship player of the season. A striker of a different caliber. Ivan Toney has scored 13 goals already this season & fans want to see more from him. Brentford can stand into a decent spot at the season's end if he continued his goal-scoring form and from looking at him, he is not going to look back.

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4. Aleksandar Mitrovic | Fulham | 11 Goals

Premier League 2022-23 Stats : Aleksandar Mitrovic | Sportz Point

Aleksandar Mitrovic
Image - Premier League

Fulham was relegated in the 2020-21 season. Mitrovic didn't have a good season and like many more, he was doubted for his ability. The Fulham Manager protected him because he knew what Mitrovic is capable of. The Serbian Striker scored 43 goals in the Championship 2021-22 season & Fulham got promoted to the premier league once again. Mitrovic didn't just stop there, He scored 11 goals for his team this season & Fulham is sitting in the 7th Position. No one expected this to happen all of a sudden. This will be exciting to see Fulham if Mitrovic continued to perform at this level.

5. Rodrigo Moreno | Leeds United | 10 Goals

Rodrigo Moreno | Sportz Point

Rodrigo Moreno
Image - Premier League

Rodrigo Moreno is a talented striker known for his ability to play in any position on the front line. When the team needs him as a winger to stretch the midfield of the opposition he delivers, also scores as a No 9 when the team needs a striker. Leeds United fans just love whatever he does on the field. The Spanish forward has scored 10 goals this season but Leeds are not in a decent position at this time. The fans have a lot of expectations on the shoulder of this striker. He has to score more goals to keep up with the rest of the 4 for the Golden Boot & has to lead his team to a respected position at the end of the season.

Erling Haaland is way ahead of the rest 4 players on the list, that means the Golden Boot award is settled right?

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