Virat Kohli might also be taken off from ODI captaincy, says reports

According to an insider from a BCCI member, BCCI might think of relieving Virat Kohli from ODI captaincy too, to focus more on his batting.
Virat Kohli might also be taken off from ODI captaincy, says reports

The IPL will start from tonight, but the cricketing world is still in shock of Virat Kohli letting his T20I captaincy go just to release some burden. Pundits have been sharing their views on the incident and some rumours of some conspiracy are there too. However, that's not all, BCCI might look to take the ODI captaincy from Virat Kohli just to explore the batsman Kohli in white-ball format.

Virat Kohli wanted to focus on his batting more as he quitted the T20I captaincy.
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Kohli, who is yet to win any major ICC tournament sometimes gets criticized about team selections. Though Kohli has stated that he would keep on leading the side till the 2023 ODI World Cup, that does not seem to be a certainty now.

"Virat knew that he would have been removed from white ball captaincy. If the team doesn't do well at the UAE World T20, he was gone for good as far as white-ball leadership is concerned,"

An BCCI insider told this to PTI

"He just reduced a bit of pressure on himself as it would seem that he is there on his own terms. It might not happen for 50 overs if the performance in T20 hits a downward spiral", the BCCI insider added.

Therefore, BCCI is more likely to give the batsman Virat freedom and less burden to bring glory to Indian Cricket. This Indian team is considered one of the best but have failed to bring ICC glories with some stars of the game. That is why BCCI thinks, this is the high time to take action before they are short of groomed captains in blue.

Virat the captain- as an ex-cricketer expressed

That's why if BCCI decides to go Virat Kohli as a pure batsman in ODI format, do not pinch yourself.

"The problem with Virat is his communication. In case of MS (Dhoni), his room would be open 24×7 and players could just walk in, play the PS4, have a meal and let their hair down and if required talk cricket."

A former India player told this to PTI in an informal chat

Then he went on to add that, "beyond the ground, Kohli is literally incommunicado".

Rohit the successor of Virat Kohli?

Rohit Sharma with the T20I series winners trophy in South Africa. Image – NDTVSports

Well, some say this was bound to happen. After a heap of IPL success and a good T20 record as captain, Rohit might be the choice to lead the blues. However, according to some reports, Virat Kohli wanted to have someone young like Rahul or Pant to be the leader of the team. Though, Boria Majumdar has stated this is not true at all. Well, as far we can say, time will tell.

"Rohit has shades of MSD but in a different manner. He takes the junior players out for meals, gives them a friendly pat on the back when they are down and knows the mental aspects of a player's make-up inside out", the ex-cricketer expressed his feeling on Rohit's leadership.

A senior BCCI member also questioned BCCI on not clarifying anything for the ODIs. He said, "If you look at Sourav and Jay's statements, both have congratulated but not a word uttered if he would remain the captain till 2023 ODI World Cup. So, he would remain, is a far-fetched conclusion,"

Who could be the next in line after Virat and Rohit?

KL Rahul is a serious contender to lead India after the Virat-Rohit era. Image- ProBatsman

With all this happening, BCCI is not in a hurry to announce the Vice-Captain for the T20I format. However, there are three choices. Rishabh Pant, the current Delhi Capitals captain is one of them. KL Rahul, who has lead India to one of the T20I matches is another contender. Along with them, Shreyas Iyer is also considered a future leader of the Indian team.

"Pant is a serious contender but you can't rule out KL also as he is an IPL captain. The dark horse will be Jasprit Bumrah."

An BCCI member on who could be deupty of Rohit Sharma in T20I format

As IPL teams are geared up to clinch the trophy, BCCI will have to be ready with few answers post IPL and T20I World Cup. Along with that, BCCI will have to set the position of head coach as well. The report says, Anil Kumble is ahead of the race for the head coach's position.

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