Cristiano Ronaldo Records: Ronaldo's 801 Goals in Detail

This amazing feat is now added to Cristiano Ronaldo records and he has another achievement to celebrate about.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Records - Sportz Point

Ronaldo has snatched the throne from Pele and Romario as the top-scorer in official matches. He also left behind Lionel Messi who is currently on 756 career goals. The 37-year-old has been a mammoth figure in the world of football. This amazing feat is now added to Cristiano Ronaldo records and he has another achievement to celebrate about. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Records - Sportz Point

Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo- Bloomberg

We have made a breakdown of Cristiano Ronaldo Records of 801 goals:

Overall Statistics-

Games: 1095

Goals: 801

Hat-tricks: 58

Four goals in a match: 8

Five goals in a match: 2

Assists: 282

Cristiano Ronaldo's Stats as per Competition:

Total Goals: 801 goals

Sporting Lisbon: 5 (31 Matches)

Manchester United: 130 (308 Matches)

Real Madrid: 450 (438 Matches)

Juventus: 101 (134 Matches)

Portugal: 115 (184 Matches)

Breakdown of his Goals by competition:

League: 485 goals

Sporting Lisbon: 5 (31 games)

Manchester United: 130 (308 games)

Real Madrid: 450 (438 games)

Juventus: 101 (134 games)

Champions League: 141 goals

Manchester United: 22 (60 games)

Real Madrid: 105 (101 games)

Juventus: 14 (23 games)

Domestic Cups: 45 goals

Taca de Portugal: 2 (3 games)

FA Cup: 13 (26 games)

League Cup: 4 (12 games)

Copa del Rey: 22 (30 games)

Coppa Italia: 4 (10 games)

Other Club Competitions: 15 goals

Club World Cup: 7 goals

UEFA Super Cup: 2 goals

Domestic 'Super Cups': 6 goals

International: 115 goals

World Cup finals: 7

World Cup qualifying: 36

European Championship: 14

European Championship qualifying: 31

Confederations Cup: 2

Nations League: 5

Friendlies: 20

Every 100 Goal Milestone:

100th goal v Tottenham (January 27, 2008) in his 301st match

200th goal v Valencia (December 4, 2010) in his 458th match

300th goal v Granada (May 5, 2012) in his 554th match

400th goal v Celta (January 6, 2014) in his 653rd match

500th goal v Malmo (September 30, 2015) in his 753rd match

600th goal v Juventus (June 3, 2017) in his 855th match

700th goal v Ukraine (October 14, 2019) in his 974th match

800th goal v Arsenal (December 3, 2021) in his 1095th match

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