Denmark vs China PR Highlights | A late winner from Amalie Vangsgaard gives Denmark full points against China

Read about the best moments from the Denmark vs China PR match as Amalie Vangsgaard scored a late winner to give Denmark full points.

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Denmark vs China PR Highlights | A late winner from Amalie Vangsgaard gives Denmark full points against China | Sportz Point

Denmark earned full points against China in their opening Group B game in FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. It was a late winner from Amalie Vangsgaard, the substitute that helped Denmark win by 1-0 against the Asian Champions, China. Although China had the upper hand in most parts of the game, it was Denmark who had the last laugh. The first half was close and tight for both teams unable to create any big opportunities. But, the second half saw much improved attacks from them which led to a few genuine chances until Amalie Vangsgaard converted a header from a corner to seal the match in the 90th minute of the game. Read about the best moments from the Denmark vs China PR match on our LIVE Blog below the match report.

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First Half | Denmark vs China PR

Both teams started the match with a plan to not lose the match, rather than win. With the media already talking about who will become the group runners from Group B, this match held great importance in terms of the qualification to the next round. China looked better and tried to create some spaces between the Danish defenders but could not get past Lene Christensen and her colleagues on duty. Meanwhile, Denmark also found it hard to go beyond the 4-4-2 structure of the China team which nearly was going to a defensive shape whenever Denmark had the ball. In summary, China looked better but without creating any great threats. The first half ended goalless as we expected few changes from both teams in the second half.

Second half | Denmark vs China PR

As expected we started seeing some changes in the second half. China's forward Wang Shuang was brought in by the coach to push for the goals. Wang Shuang, who had a great Asian Cup, started the game on a solid note while creating few chances from the right. For Denmark, it was Nicoline Sorensen who started disturbing the Chinese wall from the fangs with great speed and skill. She first found Josefine Hasbo at the centre of the box who missed the golden opportunity by heading the ball over the bar. Sorensen created another chance for the captain, Pernille Harder. If it was not blocked by Chen Qiaozhu, it could have been an easy header for Pernille.

However, to a surprise for everyone, Serenson was substituted by head coach Lars Sondergaard in the 72nd minute. Rikke Marie Madsen replaced her in the wings. It was nearly 1-0 for Denmark as China escaped an own goal from their captain Wang Shanshan. Wang nearly headed the ball into the goal while trying to deflect it away from danger.

Denmark vs China PR Highlights | A late winner from Amalie Vangsgaard gives Denmark full points against China | Sportz Point

Danish players celebrate after a late goal from Amalie Vangsgaard. Image: Getty

Denmark kept on attacking as the game progressed in the last ten minutes. Captain Pernille Harder tried some shots but only got blocked by the Chinese defenders. But, it was the substitute Amalie Vangsgaarde who finished the job from a corner for the first headed goal of the World Cup this year. In all, it was Dane who had the last laugh and three full points to be equal on points in Group B.

"I've waited a long time for the first international goal, so I must have saved it for the best time. It's super important that we got off to a good start to the World Cup."

Amalie Vangsgaard after her Player of match performance

Denmark vs China PR | Match Details

Match: Denmark vs China. Group D

Location: Perth Rectangular Stadium

Time: 5.30 pm IST

Denmark vs China LIVE Blog

Live Score | DEN 1-0 CHN

1'| Kick Off

The final match of Day 3 is underway as Denmark face China at Perth Rectangular Stadium in Australia.

2'| Early Chance for Denmark

An opportunity came early for Denmark, but Xu handled it well.

4'| China with an early chance

China has an opportunity now and Christensen gathers the ball. The teams pass the ball to each other as they get comfortable in this game.

8'| Linyan Zhang takes a shot

Linyan Zhang takes an early shot on the goal. A shot on target from the midfielder. Lene Christensen with an easy save.

10'| Good save from Christensen

What a phenomenal save by Christensen! Brace yourself for the incredible turn and shot by L Zhang. Without a doubt, China has established themselves as the superior team in this matchup.

22'| The Asian Champions with the upper hand


Kathrine Kuhl on the ball in the early stages of the game against China PR. Photograph: Luisa González/Reuters

The battle in the midfield is intense, with China currently holding the advantage. Possession is being contested vigorously, resulting in a chaotic beginning to the match.

35' | Both teams playing it safe

Both teams looking to hold the position in the mid-field and not going for that outright kill. Defences have been solid as well from both sides.

41' | China misses a chance

Hesitation from Christensen had created an opportunity for Zhang Linyan. She missed to capitalise on it. Denmark fans will be relieved to see that.

45' | Two added minutes

Two minutes of added time in the first half of the Denmark vs China PR game.

Half-time: DEN 0-0 CHN

Both teams had a tough first half. None of them had any clear opportunities to score. China had more control of the ball but couldn't create any threatening situations for the Danish defence. Let's hope we see some goals in the second half.

46' | China makes a change

Zhang Xin is replaced by forward Wang Shuang.

49' | Wang Shuang on target

Wang Shuang who had scored four times in the Asian Cup. have already made an impact on the game. A shot on target from her from the left of the box. Christensen was ready for it though.

51' | Huge miss by Josefine Hasbo

A great run from Nicoline Sorensen and a greater cross from her had found Hasbo in the middle of the box, unmarked. However, Hasbo heads it over the goalpost. Certainly the best chance for Denmark in the game. You should score from there.

57' | Nicoline Sorensen threatening the Chinese defence

Nicoline Sorensen puts in another cross from the left who just keeps on threatening the Chinese defence. Chen Qiaozhu with an important deflection for China in the box.

65' | Wang Shuang takes another chance

A couple of touches on the edge of the box and Wang tries her luck with a left-footed shot. Though it goes over the goal post, the Chinese think tank won't be that unhappy seeing her proactive approach.

72' | Surprising from Demark

Nicoline Sorensen, who was looking really good, is substituted. She is replaced by Rikke Marie Madsen, another forward.

74' | Nearly an own goal

China captain Wang Shanshan nearly headed an own goal from a Denish free-kick. It was just inches away from being a goal.

81' | Pernille Harder gets her shot blocked

It was a great chance for the Danish captain to shine. She was nearly one-to-one there with the Chinese defender Yao Wei beside her who blocks the shot by Harder.


Amalie Vangsgaard is the heroine for Denmark. A great header from the no. 9 and it goes straight into the goal. They lead by 1-0 at the fag end of the match.


Full-time | Denmark earn three points | DEN 1-0 CHN

With a late goal from Amalie Vangsgaard, Denmark earns three crucial points against China.

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